Broke Girl No. 2

     Yeah, yeah, I know the rest of the Broke Girls are gonna give me shit about not having a baby picture but those files are not at my convenience at the moment. And I'm all about convenience. I have four more months to be irresponsible before I dispose of the atrocity that was my teenage years. I am unfortunately attending college very far away from my Girls and miss them dearly about 82.3% of the time. If you couldn't tell from that exact number I am a science major, Microbiology to be exact. That's about as far as my plans go when it comes to my future.

My obsession is definitely makeup and skincare, although I do have a slight fetish with clothes (not nearly as much as Rachel, who I pray for to the fashion gods every night). Is fetish the right word to use? Another tidbit about me is that I often say the incorrect word/phrase to the incorrect person and get teased endlessly about it for years. Alright, back to the blog, Jenny (also I talk to myself. I'm missing a few wires, okay??) I'm definitely the least capable of writing anything in any sort of format so I apologize for any mishaps my writing may create.

I can't live without a good foundation and brow filler and I don't really wear jewelry except earrings. My style is structured but definitely has the pop, and I mean POP, of color most of my fellow Broke Girls seem to loathe so much. I wear scarves all the time. I sing at inappropriate times.

Basically watch out for posts on confessions of love over snapchat, accidental sephora purchases, and complaints of organic chemistry from this girl. 


twitter: jennskels
instagram: jskells


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