On Repeat #2

Artificial Nocturne - Metric
     So it's that time of the week again, eh? Which is my subtle way of telling you I've really been into Canada's Metric, and their new-ish album Synthetica. It's been sitting in my Spotify queue, neglected, for months. I've finally had a proper listen, and holy shit. It's good. I've liked Metric for quite awhile (Help I'm Alive was a good ol' high school jam), and this album is no different. Artificial Nocturne sticks out as one of my favorite tracks. It has the cool synthy beat that I've come to love from Metric. Plus, the lyrics are pretty sweet as well. I appreciate any song that spews profanity in the first line. Anywho, you all go forth and listen (and check out Breathing Underwater, Speed the Collapse, and Dreams So Real while you're at it)!

Speaking Politely- Sleepy Kitty   
     This St. Louis duo caught my attention when they opened for Jeff the Brotherhood (a different concert, but hell, they always have such amazing openers). Paige has such amazing style and stage presence, and when I listened to the lyrics, mega girl crush commenced. The straightforward, brutal lyrics are just what I needed this week. She sings everything I wish I could say to people. The album Infinity City (2011) contains many jams including Speaking Politely, Gimmie a Chantz!, and School's Out. I mean, sometimes it's really just necessary to say, "I've made up my mind, and if that makes me a dick then I think I'll be fine, because I can't stand to watch you waste our time."
Heart Attack - Demi Lovato 
     So I had a bit of a hard time at first thinking about what my pick of the week was going to be, I even had another song chosen and written up, but I quickly changed my mind when I got to work and this song came on the radio. I have been shamelessly jamming out to this song since it came out. I'm not even that big of a Demi Lovato fan, but this song... just fantastic, round of applause, whatever — it's perfection. I wish I could say I was kidding when I tell you that I had this song on repeat for 3 days straight when I first discovered it, but I would be lying. So there you have it. Shamelessly jam out with me. 

I'll Hold My Breath - Ellie Goulding
     So I'm a little late on the bandwagon for Ellie Goulding, but I seriously can't get over her. Almost every. single. one. of her songs is relevant to my life in some way. The lyrics that really speak to me are "you are the risk I'll always take", although I'm not sure why. It's a lighthearted song but it still is her talking about someone she's just not over. I get that. Everyone kinda gets that. Anyway, check her out if you haven't for some reason. You've probably been living under a rock if you haven't heard of her.

Our Deal - Best Coast
So, summer 2011 I was up at around 3 am (as usual) and saw the video for this song and absolutely fell in love with the sound of her voice. I began YouTubing tons of songs by Best Coast, and instantly fell in love. They have a very unique sound. Sort of beachy, groovy, and alternative. I definitely recommend listening to/watching "Our Deal" very beautiful song (and video). I also recommend also listening to "Boyfriend" and "When I'm With You". Great lyrics, great voice. 


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