On Repeat #32 | Best of 2013

Seeing as it's the last time we'll post On Repeat in 2013, it's only appropriate that we post our favorites from 2013. Obviously, this was pretty tough for all of us, but listed below we were able to choose 5 of our favorite songs from this year. So enjoy, lovlies. xx FBG P.S. - We apologize for posts being MIA this week, holidays have us all crazy and we will be back on track on Sunday. 

Bravado - Lorde
R U Mine - Arctic Monkeys
I'm In It - Kanye West
Don't Save Me - Haim
Good Life - Logan Mize

Holes - Passenger 
The Morning - The Weeknd
Lofticries - Purity Ring
King - Mike G. / OFWGKTA

Chills- Yellow Ostrich
Speaking Politely - Sleepy Kitty
Head Is Not My Home - MSMR
No Return - Sucre
Q_Q - Pretty & Nice

Miss Atomic Bomb - The Killers
Closer - Tegan and Sara
Crown on the Ground  - Sleigh Bells
Go - Delilah
Something Good - alt-J

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Winter Candles

Hola, everyone! I missed last week due to a personal crisis (yes, it was actually a crisis, I'm still dealing with it) but I'm back again this week to show what I've purchased recently at Bath and Body works, it's all candles. I couldn't resist.

They were having a sale as per usual, for the larger candles ringing up at $22. I knew I wanted Leaves but grabbed Harvest Gathering at the last minute. I love the how the White Barn Candles look because I'm a sucker for script.

Leaves definitely has that autumn apples and berries smell to it that I love around this time of year. Harvest Gathering is somewhat similar to Leaves in the sense that it has a hint of apple to it but it definitely has more of a warm feel to it since Leaves has that cider punch and Harvest Gathering is more of a Nutmeg/ spice scent.

I have no idea what my obsession with Bergamot is, but I almost cried when they told me they only had these in the small size. I believe I have talked about Bergamot Woods before in a favorites video but it seriously is my favorite candle ever. I didn't want to risk it so I bought a couple of the Bergamot Woods and Black Pepper Bergamot. The Black Pepper Bergamot is basically just a calmer scent than Bergamot Woods. They both have lavender in them so that probably just adds to why I love them.

I know this is a short little post, but hey, it's Christmas Eve for Christ's sake. Go be with your families...or finish shopping, whatever you need to do. I need to wrap presents still, so no judgement here.

Until next week!
xx Tori

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Festive Fingers

Though I'm likely to reach for a more muted offering, come holiday season it's nice to be a little more glitzy. Below are three tried and true options I'll be turning to this year.

No. 1 | Revlon Stunning 
     The most versatile of the bunch, this varnish is great for either Christmas or New Years. It isn't too obviously holiday - which I prefer. As a bonus it coordinates with nearly any base color.
          Suggested pairings: Essie Marshmallow / Revlon Minted

No. 2 | Ulta Piñata-Yada-Yada
     Here's where I step out of my comfort zone. As you could guess, this lil' dude looks like a burst of confetti. Surprisingly, I love this on the nails. It's festive, but not too in your face.
          Suggested pairings: Essie Secret Story / Revlon Bewitching

No. 3 | Forever 21 Black & Sliver Glitter
     Forever is a bit of a toss up with their polishes. You never know if you'll be able to find something in store, but if you can find this I'd highly recommend you pick it up. For those of us who are keen on a darker nail, this will suit your taste. The mixture of black and gunmetal particles is simple, but adds interest and sheen.
          Suggested pairings: Essie No More Film / Zoya Kristen

Wishing you all a very happy holiday, whichever you celebrate! Speak to you l8r.


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On Repeat #31

Favorite Song - Chance the Rapper ft. Childish Gambino
I have no real explanation for this week's choice except that I like Chance the Rapper and Childish Gambino. And this song obviously. Gambino recently dropped his new album, which I haven't had much of a chance to listen to, but their collaborations are on point (they have one on each of their albums). So this song is A+ 10/10 if you like both of them. Or if you're new to Chance, as long as you like Gambino, you're good.

Jungle Love- Steve Miller Band
I get the pleasure of listening to the radio at work (yea, pleasure), so I typically choose the classic rock station. This song has been played at least once a day this week so it was bound to be stuck in my head for all eternity. I read the lyrics and I don't even know. I just. I don't get it. So this is a short little bit but I really have nothing to say about this because I'm confused by the lyrics so there's that. For y'all who aren't classic rock fans, you might know one of their more famous songs, "Fly Like An Eagle." If not, turn on a classic rock station.

Mask Your Soul – Blu & Exile
    Alright, this is almost cheating. Truthfully I’ve been all about The Growlers (UPDATE: THE ENITRE ALBUM IS BOMB) this week. I’ve alternated between that and Christmas music, so posting either would be a bit of a bore. However, I’ve had this in my queue a while and it’s up next for an extensive listen. From what I’ve heard Give Me My Flowers While I Can Still SmellThem is on point. The backtracks are interesting and lyricism is undoubtedly clever. Would highly recommend.

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ipsy | December

So I've done a really good job this month and didn't peak at what was in my ipsy bag online before it came. I'm actually quite excited about what I got this month, and since I'm on a make-up ban for the month this is pretty exciting. So let's just dive right into my first impressions.

Be a Bombshell, The One Stick in Flustered ($16)
So upon first look, I thought this might be a cheek stain. Turns out, it's an all over use stick. Seeing as mine's a bright red/pink color, I'd imagine I'd use it more for lips and cheeks, definitely not eyes (as the site suggests). It's got a really nice, smooth consistency to it, and is easily blend-able. We'll see how much use I get out of it.

NYX, Lipstick in shade 638 ($4)
Anyone who knows me knows that I'm always on the hunt for a good orange-ish color lipstick. I know they're pretty summery, but I'm obsessed. I definitely think I'll get a lot of use out of it, especially during the holiday season (if I ever venture out).

Pop Beauty, Eyeshadow Trio in Bright Up Your Life
Ipsy nailed this one. A perfectly neutral eyeshadow trio, with everything you need to make a day or night look. Though a bit more shimmery than I would usually go for, I could see myself using this a lot.

Nicka K New York, Nail Polish in Classic Taupe (NY112) ($4.99)
I've never heard of this brand, but I love the packaging. And it's a full size sample which is always really exciting. Upon first impression, I think it might be a gel-like polish. But I'll keep you guys posted and let you know for sure.

Mirabella, Eye Blending Brush ($27)
Clearly, this bag more than paid for itself. And I saved the best for last. My mom will be happy that I can stop stealing her Chanel #12 blender (that they sadly discontinued and I will forever be heartbroken about) and use this beauty instead. I've been fairly impressed with the Mirabella products I've tried before, so no doubt this brush will be adding itself into the daily line up.

Well, that's it from me this week. I apologize for this being up late, as I was supposed to post yesterday in place of Jenny who is drowning in finals in Maryland.

Until next week,
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2 Brows, 4 Ways

**Firstly, let me apologize for being absolutely shit at blogging. We just got our new puppy Auggie this past week and it's been a lil' hectic. But I am back, talking about something very important. So read on.

     As you should well know, we here at FBG pride ourselves on our brows. Lily Collins is my personal idol. The fuller the better, I say. I’ve never been one for over-plucking both as a result of laziness and simple preference. I was graced by the brow gods a fairly full set and I keep grooming to a minimum. Still, I’d go from modern female to cavewoman in about two weeks sans my beloved Tweezermans. I won’t lecture you on achieving a nice arch or the perfect shape for your face – because I’d fail you. Regardless of my laissez faire attitude when it comes to grooming, I’ve begun to love enhancing my brows. I rotate between the four following methods and am always open to new suggestions so comment below!

No. 1 |  POWDER
     I’d always had a slight aversion to a powdered brow. I thought it gave an odd soft-focus, borderline unnatural look. Yet after dyeing my hair I needed a bit more correction than normal. So I turned to this matte, neutral Sonia Kashuk eye palette. The light terra cotta color mixed with a slightly deeper brown better match my new hair color. Used with a thin angled brush and a clear setting gel (to increase longevity and add some texture) this is my go-to when I want a more full-on brow.

No. 2 | PENCIL
     This was my first foray into the world of brow products, and I loved it for quite a while. The Anastasia Brow Wiz has garnered a lot of attention in particular but there’s several of its kind in existence. If you’re looking for precise application a thin pencil like this will serve you well. Though this shade is slightly ashy for my current brows the product itself is long-lasting and easy to use, with a natural pay off.

No. 3 | PEN
     Newest to my repertoire and arguably the easiest is a Stila felt-tipped pen. Much like liquid eyeliner this is for those gals in it for the long haul. It won’t budge, even without a setting gel. Using quick, feathery strokes you’ll add some fairly natural volume to the brow. Though slightly lacking in the shade range (only 3 – light, medium, and dark) this is what I turn to for lighter days.

     Lastly, is almost the complete lack of a brow routine. Since my eyebrows are fairly thick on their own I sometimes opt for the mere taming option. e.l.f’s Wetgloss keeps things in place and plays up the brows in a subtly way – perfect for more dramatic eye looks.

     That's it for me, I'm off to go snuggle with Mr. Augustus. JUST LOOK HOW CUTE HE IS. Ignore me. Anyhow, I'll speak to you guys very soon. In fact expect a sort-of haul video up in the next couple of days to make up for my absence. Until then.


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On Repeat #30

Hate Me Soon- Yellow Ostrich

With two male vocalists in a row, I think I'm on a roll. I've loved Yellow Ostrich for some time now. That being said, I think I gravitate towards their first and latest EP, Ghost.. I haven't actually fully listened to their second album, Strange Land, which probably makes me a terrible person but whatever. Basically anything that a loop pedal can be used for, I'm in love. Other gems from their latest EP, Ghost, would be "Ghost" and "Chills," actually, just listen to the whole thing. You won't regret it.

Hands - Alpine
     After quickly becoming addicted to HAIM this week courtesy of Rachel and Tessa, I utilized the nifty link on Spotify to see Related Artists. I stumbled upon the glorious Australian band Alpine. They are similar in HAIM in sound but have a faint Tegan and Sara feel as well. This song is their most popular although the entire album is gold. I'm a little bitter that they only have one album out. They're an up and coming band, so keep an eye out! They recently toured with The Naked and Famous. HINT HINT: great study music.

That's My Kind Of Night -  Luke Bryan
So that random playlist with 6 songs on it I mentioned last week? Still going strong this week. I'm just in a rut (in more ways than one), so sticking with the same thing is logical. This song is a bit of a curveball on that playlist. And by a bit I actually mean it's a huge curveball. But I just love Luke Bryan and everything about him, and genuinely can never get enough of his music. Not to mention, country always brings me back to summer, which I am desperately wishing will reappear at any moment now. For now, I'll have to settle for freezing temperatures, lots of blankets, and most importantly: lots of beer and country music to make me forget that it is in fact winter.

Bubble Gum Bitch (Xmas Version) - Marina and the Diamonds.
So, I was going to hesitate really hard this entire month NOT to do a Christmas themed song until it got the absolute closes to Christmas BUT I couldn't control myself (and to be fair this is just a xmas version of a song..) I stumbled upon this beauty last night on tumblr and have been listening to it ever since. It's honestly the same kick-ass Marina pop song about her wanting to be your bubblegum bitch with some nice sleigh bells. Enjoy.

Fa La La  (a cappella) - Justin Bieber ft. Boyz II Men
     To answer your question, no - this isn't just a platform to continually embarrass myself. But whatever. JB Christmas is my jam as I've mentioned about a million times. Anyhow, I just downloaded the deluxe version of this album (oooooh) and this is a bonus track. I'm not quite sure how you can go wrong when you combine Bieber, Boyz II Men, and Christmas music. Most of all, it's a nice break from the typical songs on holiday stations but you can still be festive. This is how I'm justifying myself. Don't be Scrooge. Goodbye.
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The Bare Minimum

I know you all are probably really sick of hearing me talk about how I'm always late and running out the door and my make-up to match. But this week I've had some serious issues with that, seeing as I'm in the midst of final papers (perks of being a journalism major: tests are rare, downfalls: papers on papers on papers. And I'm the queen of procrastination). So this week it's been the bare minimum for me on make up. I promise you, this will be the last what's on my face for a while. Unless you really like these, in which case, I shall continue.

Now, when I say bare minimum, I mean: bare minimum. Foundation, eyeliner, mascara, brows, done. That's how minimum I've been this week. Sticking with my trusty CoverGirl Whipped Creme Foundation in Ivory, that I'm sure you've heard all you can about. It's a great alternative to the Revlon PhotoReady Whipped if you're not willing to drop $15 on a foundation. Blending that out with my finger tips is the quickest, easiest, no-fuss foundation application ever. The lazy girl's dream. For liner, I've once again, not broken out of my box. Using Rimmel London's Get in Line, which was discontinued with their Rimmel U line (such a shame, I loved it). Continuing to the point, I have ventured out a little from my typical application and gone for a full, thicker wing. I will wear winged liner, but my version is usually pretty thin with a small flick at the end, nothing too dramatic. But I decided to experiment a little this week and have been loving it. See motto: Eyeliner on point, life in shambles (couldn't be more relevant). Finishing off the eyes, I've gone back to another tried & true: Benefit's They're Real. Recently, I've been raving and constantly reaching for EM Cosmetic's Lash Gallery Clean Volume. Benefit's offering however, just offers a great amount of separation and length. As far as brows, my typical routine has stuck using Anastasia's Brow Powder Duo in Auburn (specifically the left side color) to fill in and setting them with Maybelline's Great Lash in Clear.

Well, that's all from me this week! I hope you guys are surviving finals. I promise to bring you some really awesome stuff over Winter Break!

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Christmas Wishlist

So today i'm going to give you all a little brief christmas wishlist of mine! 

Urban Decay's Naked 3 palette.
The latest Naked palette from Urban Decay is my number one on the list for obvious reasons. I'm not a HUGE fan of the other two palettes but this one is just flawless. I'm a sucker for pink and purple nudes.

Aveda's "Plum Touch" face accent
Surprise! yet another Aveda product. I don't personally own this but I always touch up my face at work with this blush and I.am.obsessed. It's a perfect mix for my skin tone. Probably going to be my christmas present to myself.

Benefit's Gimme Brow
I'm obviously eyebrow obsessed if you've never been able to tell; As well as a Benefit connoisseur. So this bad boy right here is an obvious NEED for my make up collection.

Too Faced candlelight glow highlight
Last but not least, another Too Faced product I am dying to try. I'm a huge fan of snow bunny and pink leopard bronzers; So I am very curious about this highlighter. I'm a huge advocate of Watts Up by Benefit but this Too Faced product just might give it a run for it's money.

Well there's a very tiny wish list of mine for Christmas this year! I'm hoping they will be included in my after-Christmas haul in a few weeks! I hope you all have a wonderful holiday time this year.

lots and lots of love from me,
Kayson ♥ 

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Muscle Memory Makeup

From looking at upcoming posts, it looks like a couple of us had a crazy week and still another one to come. I, for sure, am not an exception. It never fails that when I am crazo-nutzo (as my coworker would explain things) I rely on muscle memory to do my makeup. Even though my makeup organization is in the process of being revamped, I somehow always find myself with these products in hand. I know it's only Tuesday, but I haven't changed my routine for at least a week.

When things are crazy, I tend to make sure that my base is on point. I could not care less about anything else but a good base is the key to making sure you don't look like a zombie. Let's face it, that's important. As i'm typing this I've realized that I didn't photograph a couple of products (why didn't I make a list...) so I'll just go ahead and include those anywho. After moisturizing, I have been applying the Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer. Even though I have dry skin, I love this primer because I feel like it just adds a bit more moisture and does actually set my base unlike some products I've used (i'm lookin' at you, POREfessional). Then for foundation. This is probably my favorite part of doing my makeup since I got the Real Technique brushes. I've been using the YSL Le Teint Touche Eclait, but since I got the sample of the Lancôme Teint Idole foundation I have a new found love. I thought I would never find anything to top the YSL, but oh man. I'm buying the full size product whenever I have a spare moment. It keeps my face looking fresh and even all day. I had this foundation on for 15 hours and just washed it off and it looked as good as it did when I first applied it.  After this, I use the Revlon Photo Concealer under my eyes.

I then use the ELF High Definition Powder to set my foundation. MAC's Harmony is then used as a contour and I've really been loving Rimmel's blush in Pink Sorbet. It's just a beautiful peach color that looks nice with my skin tone and balances out whatever I wear with it. Another important step for completing my base is the Benefit Watts Up highlighter; it seriously works miracles. I'm not going to even explain my love for Gimme Brow by Benefit one more time, but it's used after blush. When I'm in a rush, I will typically only use one eyeshadow after I've used the Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion. The two picks lately have been Club and Woodwinked from MAC. They both really suit my eye color and woodwinked is just a really nice natural color with a bit of shimmer to wake up my eyes. Plus they both have wonderful color pay off and stay on all day. I always feel a bit awkward just using one shadow and so I will blend a bit of the contour shade in the crease line. After I've applied my eyeshadow I'll just go ahead and blend some of the NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk to highlight my brow. No, this does not look ridiculous because I'm the shade of Casper. As always, I curl my lashes and apply my most loved Revlon mascara. All in all, my makeup takes me less than 10 minutes in the morning. And when I have to walk the pups at 4:30 in the morning before work, I've already expended all effort for the day.

What products do you guys grab in a hurry?

xx Tori

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Favorites | Study Music

Hola, friends. If you are partaking in the college lifestyle, then you are aware that finals are looming before us (or you've already started, OR you're already done. And if you're done, let it be known I despise you). I thought I would share some of my favorite tunes for studying, inspired by my On Repeat this past Friday. Check that out here.

Now I understand that there are two types of people in this world: those who can study with music that has vocals, and those that cannot. Luckily, I fall in the realm between these two (so I guess there are three types of people? Or just two and then me? It's irrelevant). Therefore, I split this post up into two categories.

Music with Vocals:

Ellie Goulding
   This girl, doe. My obsession with her last semester was almost unreasonable. I listened to her basically all semester and pretty much equate her with Organic Chemistry I. Her vocals are like no one else and she has enough music out to keep the playlist from getting repetitive. I really enjoy listening to her music while studying because there's a great mix of upbeat and slower songs so you don't feel like you're cracked out the entire time but also aren't getting sleepy. Also, I'm going to lump Lana Del Rey in here as well because they just seem to go together for me. Let's also note that Boyfriend calls Lana his "bad bitch". Now you understand why he and I get along...

   This band was put on my radar by Tessa and Rachel earlier this semester but I never got the chance to listen to them because I was too busy listening to other bands. Lo and behold, they are one of my absolute favorites now. *Surprise* Tessa and Rachel have great taste in music sans One Direction. In fact, I'm listening to Haim at this very moment. Their music is catchy without being distracting so you're not super focused on the lyrics but the beat is enough to maintain the ole study grind.

Best Coast
   Last but not least, Best Coast was a late favorite last semester for me. They have an extensive discography so it's hard to get sick of them! They maintain their signature beachy, California, pop sound throughout their albums that increases your mood just enough to power through that last study guide.


Pride and Prejudice Soundtrack
   Need I say more? However, I will. This soundtrack is my shit. Like fo realz, since forever. Possibly one of the best soundtracks of all time. Whenever I listen to it, I immediately want to channel my inner Elizabeth Bennett and stick my head in the nearest book to become more knowledgeable. Seriously, check it out.

Downton Abbey Soundtrack
   On a similar note, the Downton Abbey Soundtrack is pure gold as well. Not as good as P&P, but getting close. There are a few actual songs on here with vocals, but they can easily be skipped to get to the gorgeous instrumentals that transport you to the early 20th century. Although I've been avoiding this soundtrack for a little while due to the horrendous ending of the third season that I'm still bitter about. Screw you, actor or actress who decided to leave the show (didn't want to spoil that for you all).

That's all for me! Apologies for being a day late.


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Review | Tourmaline Skin Refiner

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On Repeat #29

Demons - The National
   Hi, my name is Jenny and I'm obsessed with The National. Literally, where have they been my entire life. SO. GOOD. If you're a fan of Alt-J, Silversun Pickups, etc, you need to go to Spotify or click on the link above and give them a listen right now. This song is off their most recent album. I haven't had a chance to listen to their entire discography (the first album is from 2001!) but it seems I may have found my finals studying music to binge on. *party*

In case you're curious, past studying music binges have been: Lana Del Rey (duh), Ellie Goulding Pandora station, and Best Coast.

23 - Mike Will Made It
So, I don't know where I've been to have not heard this song until I was tailgating at a football game last Saturday. Apparently under a rock or something. Whatever. I honestly can't even tell you why I like this song, but it's been played an obscene amount of times this week. I put it on a Spotify playlist with five other songs and have rarely strayed from that playlist this week. Weird, I know, but a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do. And sometimes that's putting on a mix of Mike Will Made It, Luke Bryan, Big Sean, Pitbull, Kid Ink and Chris Brown. It's normal really. Oh, and Miley is still fantastic. I don't care. And a little Wiz thrown in for good measure never hurt anyone.

High For This- The Weeknd
I know I've used The Weeknd before for On Repeat but lately this is what I have turned to when I have taken the rare break from Midnight Memories. The Weeknd is just ridiculous. It came on shuffle on my Spotify playlist and I had that moment of, "why haven't I listened to this in so long?" So, I'm proud to say that I haven't listened to Midnight Memories in...a day. Regardless, this is also fantastic study music. For finishing up studying/homework/projects I've definitely been hooked on The Weeknd and the Tron soundtrack (thanks, Rachel).

No Need for Eyes - The Growlers
I’ll admit, my selection for this week isn’t going to be to everyone’s taste. Spotify recommended me
The Growlers so I thought I’d have a listen. They have a slightly old school vibe, like maybe Pink Floyd meets Beach Boys? Does that make sense? No. But whatever. They’re a bit out there but they’ve grown on me. I’m not quite sold on the whole album but there are definitely a few gems. Hung at Heart is mellow without lulling me to sleep – much appreciated at work when I am tired and people are a big no for me. They’ve been a nice way to switch things up from Christmas music (JB MISTLETOE AMIRITE). If you wanna get a lil’ weird, I highly suggest checking these dudes out.

You Oughta Know - Alanis Morissette
So, if you don't love angsty morisette you dont know what youre missing. I've always liked this song but due to recent life changes I have been blasting this song in my car like there's no tomorrow. If you're going through a break up I highly recommend her entire album. This song especially. Plus, who doesn't love 90s female angst? 10/10 would recommend. Plus she talks about gettin' down in a movie theater, it's great.

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Go To | Face of the Week

Hello lovlies!

It's been quite sometime since I've shared with you what I've been wearing on my face. Pretty sure it was September, actually. And this week I've settled into quite the routine with my make-up, typically because I'm running about 15 minutes behind and I'm too lazy to do anything else. So here's a few tried & true products, and a couple new ones to the line up that have been helping me look less like a zombie than I feel.

If I've got a long day ahead (i.e. I'm not returning to my house for at least 12 hours, which has been most days this week) I'll start off priming with Hourglass's Mineral Veil Primer. I totally understand the hype surrounding this, it makes my skin feel like silk. Pretty much in love. After, I'll start off my base with Covergirl's Clean Whipped Creme Foundation in 305, which has been my go-to for a while now as it offers medium coverage and I can blend it out without a brush. As for concealer, I've been alternating between my Covergirl Fresheffects and Maybelline Dream Lumi, depending on how tired I look. Finishing up, I'll set my foundation with my tried & true Rimmel London Stay Matte powder. If I'm looking especially pale (which let's face it is most days), I'll dust a little bit of NYC's Sunny bronzer on. For blush, I've been going back and forth with a selection from Cargo and one from NYX. Both are very similar, dusty rose colors, but Cargo offers a bit more shimmer.

For eyes I've been sticking to basics. Starting off with Mac's Painterly Paint Pot as a base and topping off with Venus from the Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette as an all over lid color. To trick people into thinking I'm more awake, I've been lining my waterline with Rimmel London's Kohl Pencil in Nude, which I finally got my hands on after months of it being out of stock when I went to buy it. I've kept my basic liner simple using a black liquid liner offering from Rimmel as well. I may have found a new HG mascara in EM Cosmetic's Lash Gallery Clean Volume, which has been mentioned more and more lately. It gives just the right amount of volume, length and curl. So it's pretty much perfect, but I'm not kicking Falsies out of the top spot just yet.

Since going slightly more ginger, I broke down and brought a new brow duo from Anastasia (in Auburn) and have been using the red color to fill in and warm up my brows, and then setting with my usual Maybelline Great Lash in Clear.

I'm a lipstick junkie, so of course I haven't been able to stick to one combo. If I'm feeling particularly lazy, I'll layer Covergirl's Vivid Lipstick in Pink Pop over one of my EOS balms and call it good, though I do find that I need to touch up more throughout the day. My other option has been Rimmel's Kate Moss Matte line in shade 103, a "my lips but better" color that I'm sure I've mentioned before, and topping it off with Juice Beauty lipgloss in Pink. I'm not a lip gloss gal at all, but this stuff just smells too good to resist.

Now that I've rambled on about my make-up this weekend, I guess I'll wrap it up.
What have your go-to's been on busy weeks?

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Lifestyle | Jewelry Organization

Hey guys! I know I've been a bit MIA lately. I started fostering a lil pup last Tuesday and am in the process of adopting her. Being from a shelter, she had pretty bad kennel cough, so my absence has been due to taking care of a sick puppy.

Anyway, today I thought I would show you how I organize my jewelry. Not exactly the most exciting thing in the world but it's just as important as organizing other things (uhm, how do you say, makeup). While makeup is more organized on the functionality, I have organized my makeup in a way that also works as a decoration for my room.

I got the fixture on my wall as a birthday present and actually really love it. I'm pretty sure my mom just got it off of ebay. It fits well with the "theme" (I guess) of my room. Thinking back on it, I'm actually really shocked that my cats have never played with these hanging necklaces. Moving on, the little dish that I put all of the smaller earrings that I have is actually a serving dish. It came with a set of Japanese serving dishes and I just re-purposed it to its current role.

On that last little picture of the puppy I soon hope to call mine, I'll leave y'all alone.
See you next week!
xx Tori

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H&M Accessories Holiday Wish List

 It is finally December and if you know me, this time of year is my absolute favorite (along with every other white girl, lolz). But really, I just love all the patterns in clothing this time of year, not to mention the decorations and generally feeling of community during the holiday season. I was perusing the H&M website today in hopes that if I looked hard enough, I could find more money to spend since I have to save my own for necessities (insert booing here). Here's a quick wishlist of affordable, cold-weather accessories that you can find online right now!


Obviously I'm a true believer in color... during the winter I tend to go more toward neutrals or darker colors (mustard, olive green) because I often wear a darker lip. Also, see what I mean about the prints? So. Cute. I can't even. Also, I just got a new coat and need some gloves to go with it... hence the beautiful leather gloves. And they're only $25?!?! In love.

That's all for me today! What are you guys yearning for this holiday season?


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Hello all!

So sorry for being late on this post, and I know you were expecting something different if you follow us on Twitter and I truly apologize for that! However, I will have that video as promised for you sometime this week. For now, I'm going to stick with the theme of lateness and post an empties video that should have gone up a while ago. So enjoy! Let me know what products you've used up recently below and what you thought of them!

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Review | Flower Zoom-In Ultimate Mascara

     As someone who peruses the cosmetics aisles of WalMart quite frequently, I was surprised when I saw a new brand pop up. Flower Beauty, founded by actress Drew Barrymore, has taken over an end cap at my local store. No doubt, the unique and well-designed packaging drew me in (lol punz 4evr so funny). Unfortunately I don't think they've stocked the full line yet. Her brand claims to deliver high-end quality at an affordable price - made possible by not sinking loads of money into advertising. Which explains why I was so ignorant to the launch. After having looked into more products from her range, I'm intrigued. She seems to have created a solid collection. Every base is covered, from foundation (or tinted moisturizer/BB cream) to eyes, lips, and nails. I managed to get my hands on the Zoom-In Ultimate mascara and thus far I've been very impressed.
     There are 3 mascaras total in the range, but this one is easily the most unique. At the top of the wand, you can twist two times to change the shape of the rubber bristles. The first setting resembles a fairly standard lengthening brush and puts me in the mind of something like Covergirl LashBlash Length. However, the second setting is slightly squatter and is subtly twisted to help curl the lashes. Lastly the third setting is much shorter and more twisted, aiding in plumping lashes and adding volume. This function is something I've never found at the drugstore. It's versatile enough to possibly cut out some of the other products in your kit.

     I bought Zoom-In in the shade brown - a feat considering many brands focus on black formulas regardless of their price point. Flower's offering has a nice, semi-dry formula that doesn't weigh down lashes or make a mess. I like to start with the second setting to lock in curl, then follow up by brushing out any clumps and coating the bottom lashes with the first setting. The third is useful when I want a slightly more dramatic lash. I've had very slight issues with flaking, but nothing obscene and no smudging whatsoever. 
     Overall, I would highly recommend this mascara. The formula would be on-point even sans the mechanical brush. At just under $8, it's fairly in line with most drugstore brands' price points. I fully intend on exploring the brand further, especially the "Sometimes You Win, Sometimes You Rouge" cream blushes. Well done Drew, well done.

See ya dudes next week!

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Favorites | Places to Shop

This post is all about places to shop that provide quality clothing without completely breaking the bank. We all know about Forever 21 and H&M but what happens when we get older and need to actually start buying stuff that lasts? Clueless, obvi. Or maybe we want something that not everyone is wearing.. which is almost impossible with the monopoly Forever 21 and American Eagle have on young women's clothing today (guilty). So I did a little research and came across a few websites that can set you apart and still remain affordable.

J. Crew Factory Outlet
Alright, hear me out. I understand this is not the most affordable store but if you're looking for investment purchases such as a nice dress for Christmas or basics to last you a long time, this is the place to be. I just purchased a nice skirt that was 50% of the regular price so you can also watch out for sales that make these items completely reasonable for the price and quality! Think about longevity, folks. You need to begin building a wardrobe now that you're in college (or almost done... how terrifying for us).

Urban Outfitters Clearance
My close friend Brittany swears by the clearance rack at Urban. She has one of the most laid back yet interesting wardrobes of many of my friends. I can't remember the last time I actually saw her wear a pair of plain blue jeans or jean cutoffs. She circulates these adorable harem pants that somehow don't cause weird drop crotch but instead are super cute and are as comfortable as pajamas. If you take the time to look online or actually go into the store and try stuff on you can find amazing stuff. Those pants she was wearing? $7.

If you haven't shopped for clothing (among many other items) at Target, you have been living under a rock, my friend. Target is the epitome of everything I could want in a store. I think I'm in love. Is that weird? Oh well. This place may not always have the greatest prices for the quality of their clothing but  I have a faux leather jacket from there that was $30. I wear it all the freakin' time. It can be pretty hit or miss but when you land the jackpot, it's hard to stop yourself.

Well that's all for me today! I'll have another post up for you Monday. Until then!

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On Repeat #28

Talk Dirty - Jason Derulo ft. 2 Chainz
At this point we all know 2 Chainz is my guilty pleasure. But this week's pick is fully to blame on Kayley and One Direction (the video I'm linking will make you understand why). Not only did it confirm that I have the same personality and dance skills as a boy band, but the song was just too catchy to get out of my head. It's a very real possibility that I actually did have this on repeat while getting ready yesterday... and driving home from work... and driving Jenny home the other night. Whatever.

Pour It Up - Rihanna
     Undoubtedly you live under a rock if you've never heard this song, but alas, I'm going to post it anyway. A few weeks back Tessa and I had a little Rihanna phase. "Disturbia" was my shit in high school, and I feel exactly the same about this track. It makes me feel like a badass - contrasted to the fangirl I am when I listen to One Direction and Jesse McCartney. But I digress. Seriously, if you haven't yet listened to this you're slacking and I highly suggest you do it asap.

Sex - The 1975
     This band actually came by recommendation of Ingrid, better known as MissGlamorazzi on YouTube. I wasn't sure I would like them at first but I realized I was familiar with another single Chocolate that I considered choosing for this week. Instead, I decided to go with a less popular track to integrate you guys with the rest of the album. In all honesty, I really just love the background in all the tracks... I can't understand what they're saying half the time. This is due to the fact they're from Manchester, England. Just another reason to check 'em out, ladies.

Another Girl- Wild Belle
I'm not positive I haven't used this song for On Repeat before. Regardless, it keeps making its way back into my On Repeat playlist. Like Tessa and Rachel, my music has pretty much been consumed by One Direction. It's not even the entire album, it's basically like four different songs. Anyway, this song is amazing. Her voice is a gorgeous kind of raspy and soulful. I typically listen to this song when I listen to Georgi Kay or Kendra Morris. When I'm on a female vocal kick nothing can help me and Wild Belle certainly does that for me.
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