Haul | Tori's First!

 WOOOOOOO. After months of trying to get a video done, I have posted one of me being extremely awkward...you know, so the world can see it. Anywho, my cat makes an appearance, so you're welcome.

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Videos | Double Trouble

Why hello there everyone. Long time no see, eh? Anyhow, we're making up for it with a double feature! Tessa and I filmed two videos for you guys this weekend - the 3 Minute Makeup Challenge and the  ♡ Summer Tag. Comment, like, etc. if you all would like to see more collabs between the Broke Girls (I mean I guess we sort of like hanging out together) in the future. Enjoy guys!

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Videos | Double Feature

Hello, loves!

    Just a quick note here from me. Rachel and I were staying together this weekend and filmed a couple videos for you all. However, I do not have the videos to edit and post as they are on Rachel's camera. So, we will have them posted for you ASAP and let you know when they are up!


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Postponed | Kayson

Hello lovelies! So, I have a good post coming for you guys! Buuuuut I just simply can't find twenty minutes today to give you a post you deserve! (As well as i havent done the process yet) So this is my quick post to tell you I will be doing my post "how to survive your 21st" on Saturday!
Have a lovely Monday and see you all Saturday ! 

Xoxo kayson 
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On Repeat #12

All These Girls - Atlas Genius
     This Australian duo caught my attention after hearing them on the radio a couple of times, and even more so after I learned I would be able to see them live in September (so much excitement for that concert it's unreal). The duo is composed of brothers Michael and Keith Jeffery and they are unbelievably talented. Honestly, I didn't even know it was only a duo until I looked them up to write this, my bad. Their whole album is definitely worth a listen, I've been playing it alongside MSMR's Secondhand Rapture — which is a very good combo by the way — but this song got me over their rather catchy singles because the music stood out a little compared to the rest of the album, and also the lyrics are on point. So go give these new Australians a listen. Oh and not to mention they're fairly attractive AND AUSTRALIAN.. I have a thing for accents, okay?

Strange Attractor - Animal Kingdom     
     So despite my overwhelming desire to post "Best Song Ever" by One Direction for this week's selection (if you're having a shitty day I guarantee that song will make it better), I'll share another lil' gem I've been into. This British trio's latest album isn't exactly new, but nonetheless is quality. Though this is easily my favorite pick. The lyrics describe that odd situation when you're attracted to someone but have no idea why. Kayley recently informed us that it's someone's natural scent that's responsible for this. You learn something new every day. Aside from all the chemistry behind this phenomenon, give this song a listen. 

Best Song Ever- One Direction
     So, unlike Rachel, I have no self control. My on repeat for this week is definitely, no contest, "Best Song Ever" by 1D. If I wasn't already in love with the beginning of the music video (it's great) I have found myself singing this catchy ass song to myself since Tuesday. As well as sending snapchats to my boyfriend serenading him to this song. It's just a poppy tune about dancing with some girl who you fell for instantly to the "best song ever"you knew every line but now you can't remember....

Not Your Fault- AWOLNATION
     Since I'm going to Buzz Beachball this year, I figured I should listen to some of the bands (because let's face it, I'm going for MS MR). I heard this song on the radio and thought it was 'alright,' I had pretty much written this band off because I don't like their other single "Sail." Now that I've given them a chance, "Not Your Fault" has been a staple in my On Repeat playlist...along with Demi Lovato, Metric, OF, and Spice Girls. Normal. I really don't even know what has become of my music taste. And to be quite honest, I haven't really liked anything else on the album, but that fact aside, I think this could be a really amazing live show. We shall see?
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Miracle Product | J&J Baby Oil

     A funny story accompanies this AMAZING product. (Did that make it clear enough to you how much I love it?) I was in Target buying this along with some lotions and baby shampoo and the cashier who was a guy around my age gave me a weird look... probably because I'm 19 and buying baby products. He then asked if I had a younger brother (which I don't) but just because it's too difficult to explain beauty products to males I went along with it. For a whole ten minutes. About my non-existent younger brother. Hey, you've gotta get your kicks somehow, right? Anyway, I now have an 18-month-old younger brother. Who knew?

     Back to the product. This product is a miracle-worker. Here's just a few ways to use it:

1. Shaving 
     Yeah, I said it. I used just a bit of this on my legs in the shower and HOLY MOTHER my legs have never been smoother. It's also nice because the water doesn't make it budge as much as regular shaving cream since it's oil. I usually have itchy, dry legs after I shave and this was not an issue after using this. Also, I used it on my bikini line and I didn't want to stab my eyes out with hatred of shaving there. So, that's a pretty big deal. I'm dead serious. Try it out.

2. Moisturizer
     I used this on my legs after I got out of the shower as well just to lock in some extra moisture. Careful not to use too much though, otherwise your legs are really smooth but also really slippery.

3. Makeup Remover
     I haven't quite figured out how to use this super effectively but it does work. If you don't like oil in your makeup remover I wouldn't recommend it but I am definitely considering switching to this as my permanent makeup remover. You can use it on your eyes and your face (which is the part I'm trying to figure out how to do well) and then I just use my regular face wash to remove the oil and other nasty gunk at night.

4. Frizz-Tamer
     SURPRISE! This shit also works to tame your frizzies. Don't try this if your hair isn't coarse because it could definitely make your hair oily (duh). However, my hair is super thick and curly and coarse so I just put a tiny bit in my hand, rubbed my hands together, and took it for a spin. It worked pretty well and my hair didn't look oily at all. Take THAT, $43 Moroccan Oil!

     I will keep you all updated if I find any more uses for this product. But with four already, you can't go wrong. I think I'm gonna buy a travel-size (if they make it?) just to keep in my bag for random beauty emergencies.

Also, this product is only like $4 and you can find it pretty much anywhere. Beautiful.
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Review | Alba Botanica Natural AcneDote Astringent

     Even though this product says that it is an astringent, it definitely doesn't dry out my skin like other astringents do. I don't have acne, just the occasional blemish here and there, but I haven't had any spots since I started using this product. When I first started using it, any blemish that I did have was either gone, or less red by the time I got up in the morning. It cleans and minimizes your pores without stinging your skin (maybe I'm not normal, but some astringents/ toners irritate my skin like no other). I'm absolutely in love with this product. It's a bit on the pricier side for me, but it is absolutely worth it. There's no artificial colors or fragrances, sulfates, parabens, petrochemicals, and this brand does no animal testing (which is the main reason I chose it). I use this after I wash my face in the morning and evening. It was $8.39 at Target which, I mean, whatever, it's kind of more than I want to spend on an astringent, but I'm definitely repurchasing this when I run out.
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Empties | July - Tessa

Hello there!

So I've been trying to save some products that I've used up in the past few months to show you guys and give you a mini-review/overview of my opinion. This is definitely not everything I've used up, just things I've remembered to save! There's no method to my madness here, I'm just going for it.

Banana Boat Summer Color Self-Tanning Mist
So I'm pretty sure we've all talked about this enough that I don't really need to go into how much I love this stuff. I've gone through several cans this summer and I tend to go through them pretty quickly, which can get expensive even though it has a lower price tag. Lately, I've gotten lazy and haven't been applying it so I'm back to my normal pasty self. But this is the only drugstore self tanner that I've found that doesn't streak with me and allows me to get a deep tan without going orange. So obviously, 10/10 would recommend. 5 gold stars. Thank you, Banana Boat. 

Tresemmé Platinum Strength Renewing Complex Deep Conditioning Treatment
This conditioner I picked up on one of my many Target runs in my college town (they happened a lot because I was always avoiding studying or something). I enjoyed this product, though I probably won't repurchase. It claimed to repair 2 years of damage in 5 treatments. I used this once or twice a week for about 3 months and definitely did not notice that big of a difference in my hair. I recently picked up Aussie's 3 Minute Miracle and can tell you in one use of that I've noticed a difference, and especially between the two products. For the price point it's not a bad product, but I think you can find better for about the same. 

Suave Kids Detangling Spray
I can not live without this. It's a constant staple in my hair care routine. I have really fine hair, and a lot of it, so it knots up really easily. I can't ever get a comb through it after I shower if I don't have this. Yes, I realize it's a kid's product. But why would I spend $5 on a detangler from another line when I can get this gem for less than $2? Also it smells like green apples. So that doesn't hurt.

Herbal Essences Long Term Relationship Shampoo for Long Hair
It took me a really long time to use up this shampoo because it sat in my shower at home forever while I was away at school and since I got back I finally got around to using it up. I love Herbal Essences products (clearly, I have three of them on here). The Long Term Relationship line from them is one of my favorites because not only does it smell fantastic, but it's one of the lines that I actually can see a difference in my hair when I'm using it. It's smoother and shinier and feels healthier. I'm not 100% that their products are actually the best for your hair, but I do enjoy using them and they're at a good price point. 

Herbal Essences Body Envy Volumizing Conditioner
This is one product from Herbal Essences I wasn't very impressed with. Maybe it's because I didn't use the shampoo and conditioner from the line together but I wasn't very happy with this conditioner. It didn't give my hair any body which is something I definitely strive for since my hair usually lays flat. In the summer I don't ever blow dry it so I really look for products that I can use to add volume that don't need a blow dryer (I have serums and such that I use in the colder months when I do blow dry my hair) and this did not fit the bill. 

Herbal Essences Honey, I'm Strong Strengthening Serum
I know I just said how much I love Herbal Essences, but this is another disappointing product to me. I bought it on a whim because I do color my hair on a semi-regular basis and in the winter months I do use a lot of heat on it (blow drying almost daily, curling irons, etc.) and this product claimed to help strengthen your hair against styling damage, but again, I didn't notice a big difference between days when I used this product and days when I didn't. The honey and apricot smell was quite nice, but I think I would rather invest a little more money in protecting my hair from damage. 

Bath & Body Works Vanilla-Tini Shower Gel
Nothing very exciting to report here, just some body wash. I constantly go back to Bath & Body Works shower gel after using other brands because I find nothing lathers quite as nicely as their line does and their range of scents is to die for. I believe this was a limited edition during the holidays but I think they bring it back around every year. I can't even describe to you how good this smells but according to the back of the bottle it's fresh vanilla, coconut and lemon zest. Yum. 

Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser
I'm almost positive you're sick of hearing me talk about this. I think I'm even sick of hearing me talk about this. But yes, I have used up another bottle of Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish. I'll save you my usually endless rant and just say that if you're on the fence about this product for whatever reason, give it a shot. The standard 3.3 fl oz bottle lasts me around 3 months, so in all reality the higher price tag isn't all that bad, and especially for what you get. 

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Review | Hot Buns

Hello! So I'm sure maybe some of you have seen the infomercial for Hot Buns on TV. I was at CVS the other day and it was only 25% off of $9.99. So I decided to just go ahead and try it out because I usually rock a messy bun anyways. 

So you're gonna get something that looks like this. You'll read the directions given on how to insert it into your hair. 

After a little bit of struggle to get my layers tucked in and not have it be an gigantic mess. It ended up pretty good and secure. I only had to use one bobby pin ( If you dont have layers, you probably wont have that problem. I just have layers so its tricky)

I think it turned out pretty well for something at a drugstore and for the price. 

Unfortunately, unlike the commercial says; my after bun hair was not "voluminous curls" more like a rats nest. (Then again, it might depend on hair type and length.)

Reasonably Priced
Comes with two sizes small and large for different hair types
Can find in blond, brown, black
keeps your bun very secure
Non time consuming

Can be tricky if you have layers
Leaves your after hair in a state of havoc
Might have to throw in a bobby pin or two

I give this product an 8. I would definitely recommend trying it out!

xo Kayson

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Everyday Makeup | Rachel

     Ayoh ladies & gents, I'm back for my weekly post to let you know what makeup I've been turning to recently. Seeing as it's gotten quite hot here as of late, aaaaand I give myself very minimal time to get ready in the mornings, everything is fairly simple.

     As I demonstrated in my Get Ready With Me video a few weeks back, I've stuck with my Vitamin E Illuminating Moisture Cream from The Body Shop. Combining my skincare and highlighting gives me a solid minute extra in bed. Woopwoop.

     To follow, I use my Urban Decay tinted moisturizer to provide SPF and a wee bit of coverage. The light reflecting aspect also helps to keep my skin looking healthy under the harsh lighting at work.

     My Revlon Colorstay concealer (obviously) comes in to cover any spots, and I also dab a little under my eyes just to help cancel out some of the darkness. I usually couple this with my Rimmel Stay Matte powder, which aids in keeping my concealer on all day.

     Eye makeup always seems to take the longest for me, so to buy myself some additional Z's I simply curl my lashes and use a few coats of Covergirl LashBlast Length mascara to give the illusion of awakeness.

     Lastly, to remedy my extreme pastiness, I go to my Covergirl Clean Glow bronzer (120 Spice) and Maybelline's Dream Bouncy Blush (30). This bronzer can adapt to a deeper tan shade, or a more subtle peachy glow - much appreciated for the pale among us. The blush is a very creamy texture, maintaining my dewy finish. Plus, I'm a big fan of the apricot shade.
     So there you have it - this extremely lazy girl's guide to makeup. I shall return to the incredibly long Doctor Who marathon I've been having today, so allons-y and enjoy the remainder of your weekends!


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On Repeat #11

Girls (Run The World) - Beyonce
Okay, so I was going to stray from my usual hip-hop genre this week for something a bit more indie but Rachel, Tori & I made the (rather great) mistake of watching the Beyonce special on HBO & I have been in a bit of a Beyonce haze since then. I absolutely adore this song and hate people for giving it shit just because of the chorus. Who cares? Listen to the rest of the song & you'll figure out exactly why I love Beyonce so much. She's a strong, independent woman who could literally run the world if she wanted. That is why Beyonce is a badass. This woman can do no wrong. She could record a track of her breathing & I'd find it genius. If you're a woman & don't turn on this song & automatically feel completely badass & empowered than I feel sorry for you because that's exactly how you should feel. Beyonce on, bitch. (Also I need to find the Jay-Z to my Beyonce because let's face it they're perf). 
Tennis Court - Lorde

     So this week, I was in  a lil' bit of a musical rut. However, I heard "Royals" by this lady come on the radio and all was well. She only has a few songs released, but god damn. "Tennis Court" reminds me a great deal of Lana Del Rey, with even better lyrics ("It's a new art form showing people how little we care"). Oh, and by the way, this New Zealander is only 16. If she's already this kickass I'm looking forward to what she'll put out in the future, and you should as well! 

Devotion - Jessie Ware
     I've been a fan of Jessie Ware for quite awhile now. Even though my 'On Repeat' selection was the same as Tessa's, this is a clear second choice. "Devotion," which also the name of the album is very chill, yet sultry. I first got hooked on Jessie Ware when I saw her video for "Sweet Talk." Her style is ridiculous; her style is so elegant and just gorgeous. My favorite songs from the album definitely include, "Sweet Talk," "If You're Never Gonna Move," and "Running."

Video Games - Lana Del Rey
I love Lana Del Rey. Her new CD was my mantra the second half of this past spring semester. Actually, it was more like I wasted away my life in the library and she along with Swedish Fish and Caramel Macchiatos were my only comforts. If you've only listened to her on the radio, check out the rest of her discography because she is amazing. I haven't heard great reviews about her live but if you just need something relaxing and haunting to listen to, check her out. 

Can't Fight This Feeling - Cory Monteith (Glee)
So, i'm sure obviously you guys have seen the news recently... Cory has unfortunately passed away. Being a complete gleek for the past few years this was pretty upsetting to me, So i've been listening to the song that first made me like Cory (Finn), which is this one, can't fight this feeling. I know that he isn't the original singer of this song but I feel like for someone who was just starting out singing he did a wonderful job.
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Review | Mascaras

Allo, chaps. Today I decided to review some products for you - specifically, mascara. I'm personally  not a huge mascara junkie (*ahem* Rachel and Tessa) so it's easy for me to take the ones I have and go over them for you readers!

Smashbox Hyperlash ($22)
This is my faveee mascara. I only have the mini version from a Smashbox sampler I purchased a while ago but it has definitely made an impression. The brush is plastic but I don't mind that. It makes your lashes crazy, CRAZY long but without clumping. I recommend this if you're thinking of buying a high-end mascara for the first time.

Benefit They're Real! ($23)
I bought this mascara on a whim a few months ago, which is never a good way to buy makeup. I had heard good reviews about it and was desperately in need of a new mascara so I figured, ehhh what the hell? Well, I'm not that impressed. It's not clumpy but it doesn't do that great of a job of lengthening or thickening my lashes. I believe there are better products out there (such as Smashbox Hyperlash!)

Clinique High Impact ($16)
Another just alright mascara here. The brush is incredibly thick and sometimes clumps my lashes, which I don't like. If I'm in a rush I'll toss it in my bag to touch-up, but other than that I don't use it much.

Maybelline Great Lash in Clear ($5.49)
I always buy this at the beginning of the summer and then toss it once October hits. This stuff is AMAZING for the summer because it makes your lashes really long and sexy without looking overdone. During the summer if I'm hanging out with friends or going to the pool I don't want a ton of mascara on, so I reach for this and it gives just enough to look awake.

Maybelline Volum' Express The Falsies ($6.99)
You guys have heard me talk about this stuff enough. All I'm gonna say is that it's my favorite drugstore mascara. SUCH good quality for the drugstore.

Rimmel London Scandal Eyes - Waterproof ($6.99)
I bought this when I went absolutely insane at Target last Sunday. That Target trip was devastating for my bank account... but anyway. I purchased it because I needed a waterproof mascara for when I go to the pool with boys and want to look normal. It does the job but I'm by no means super impressed. I have found it really awesome to use before using The Falsies to make my eyes insanely pop, though!

So that's all for me today! Until next week.

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Favorites | Summer Nail Polish

Short post, sorry guys. I'm in the midst of getting a new (haha, more like a 2002 model with lowish miles) car from my family in Colorado; so planning that trip for next week is eating away a lot of my time. Missouri has really shitty laws in place for the title, bill of sale, inspection, blah blah blah, and it's just taking forever to sort out.

Annyywaayyy. As much as I dislike the summer heat, it is probably the only time I wear brighter colors. Words can't even express how much I can't wait for fall; the ability to layer, darker lipsticks and nail polish, and cooler weather. So, I have digressed long enough, here are my five favorite nail polishes for the summer!

1. Revlon Nail Enamel in "211 Charming" ($3.99)

2. Revlon Top Speed Enamel in "320 Jaded" ($4.99)

3. Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in "380 Peach of Cake" ($6.59)

4. Essie Nail Lacquer in "Bikini So Teeny" ($7.79)

5. Essie Nail Lacquer in "Eternal Optimist" ($7.79)

In order as listed above. 

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OOTD | 07.15.13

 Hello there.

     So I'm kinda copying Rachel this week and doing an OOTD but I'm really lazy and also have zero post ideas currently (if you have anything you'd like to see leave it in the comments below or on my video or tweet at me or whatever!).

     Enjoy me awkwardly balancing on one foot trying to show you my shoes and also my awkward faces as expected.


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Haul | Beginning of July

  Hello! So today is going to be a mix of a video haul and a text post haul! For your viewing "pleasure" the video is here

Cat earrings from Forever 21. I have
this problem where I feel the need to always
buy something just because they
have cats on them. $2.80 

Enchanted Orchid Lotion- $3.00
Cherry Blossom- $3.50
Wild Peach Poppies- $2.75
Bath & Body Works Fourth of July Sale

 Peach High Low Tank from Forever 21 $15.80. 
PINK baby blue tye-dye Crop Legging Yogas $39.50

Olay Fresh Effects Shine, Shine Go Away!
Target, $11.69 

Organix Moroccan Argan Oil, Coconut Oil, and Biotin & Collagen amplifying lotion. Found at CVS for $4.99 each on sale! 

Discover Zen by David Fontana, PhD
Buddha His Life and His Teachings by Walter Henry Nelson
Carly's Voice by Carly Fleischmann
(All Half Price Books)
Okay well that's my post for this week! I hope you all enjoy! don't hesitate to leave any comments or questions on here or here, or even here

xo Kayson
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OOTD | 07.10.2013

Yoooooo, here's just a quick outfit of the day from earlier this week! Hope your Sundays are dabomb.com and I'll speak to you guys next week. L8r.


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50 Random Facts | Jenny

Why hellerrr there, broke peoples! I know I've been kinda lame with my posts recently but I've been a little all over the place. I was supposed to upload a Brother does my Makeup Tag video but my computer decided to throw a fit and completely erase it. So alas, I scoured for it this morning to no avail and am now using a backup plan. Or rather, Tessa's recommendation for a backup plan. These are 50 random facts about myself that may help you readers get to know me a little better. Hope you enjoy it!

1. I can make some truly hideous faces.
2. I'm a purple belt in Tae Kwon Do.
3. When i was 11, I waited for my letter from Hogwarts.
4. One of my favorite past times is to people watch.
5. I drink water ALL the time.
6. I hate the taste of regular Coke.
7. Autumn is my favorite season.
8. When I was six, I stole a caramel from Hyvee.
9. I absolutely always have to go to the bathroom when I'm in a bookstore or libary. I don't know why.
10. I'm scared of pigs.
11. Also mirrors when it's nighttime.
12. I have a slight obsession with The Biggest Loser. As in I cry during it.
13. The smell of breakfast restaurants (i.e. Bob Evans) makes me want to hurl.
14. My brother still gives me a kiss on the cheek before going to bed.
15. I am THE BOMB at sudoku. Seriously, I would bet my life on beating anyone.
16. I believe in fate.
17. I still sleep with a stuffed animal named Lamby. She's my one true love.
18. My dance moves resemble seizures. So basically I'm a professional.
19. I've had the blessing to experience what it's like to be in love with someone.
20. My name is spelled wrong on my birth certificate. I feel like that's representative of my life in general.
21. I prefer watching TV shows over movies. I enjoy spending more time getting to know the characters.
22. I've been best friends with Rachel for a decade. Don't you feel bad for me?
23. Tessa and I are friends because we both dated and then hated the same guy in high school. A+
24. My best friend at school is Grace and she makes me want to murder her about 65% of the time but that's okay because she feels the same about me. We still love each other. It's dysfunctional.
25. Organic chemistry wasn't actually that dreadful...
26. Physics is dreadful. Awful. Terrible. Ugh.
27. I've written a 6 page paper in 4 hours and got a B+ on it. One of my greatest accomplishments.
28. I worked at Edible Arrangements in high school.
29. I sang the National Anthem at my high school graduation.
30. Yes, my hair is naturally curly.
31. Also, my eyes changed color when I was 18 months old. They were blue, now they're definitely a deep green.
32. I have two older half-sisters.
33. I want to go to medical school when I graduate from undergrad.
34. I work at the front desk of a dorm when I'm at school.
35. I met one of my best friends, Brittany, in chemistry lab. We tended to drop and spill things.
36. Another close friend of mine, Klara, and I met because our boyfriends at the time were best friends.
37. I can be bribed to do anything if you offer Swedish Fish and a Crunch bar.
38. I firmly believe pizza hot dogs should exist. WHY DON'T THEY
39. Sonic is my go-to place to eat. It's a terrible habit. That I will never give up.
40. Favorite color is yellow.
41. I love orange lipstick!
42. I think science is the coolest shit. Just like. You can explain almost anything with it if you research enough.
43. Singing is a major passion and stress-reliever of mine. The Voice Season 5 here I come!
44. Reading is another hobby of mine. I'm currently reading the Game of Thrones series.
45. My family is incredible. I love my parents and my brother and they support me in everything I do. Even when it's not very smart.
46. Grace and I get into the most ridiculous situations and somehow live. Not sure how.
47. If I'm not eating, I usually am chewing gum.
48. I'm half-Italian.
49. I am the MOST obnoxious person when I'm winning a game. Especially cards or dice. But I'm not a sore loser.
50. I love anything related to beauty products or style and can't wait to continue this blog!


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On Repeat #10

Firstly, we apologize for missing On Repeat last week (let's be honest we have awesome music taste and you're sad you missed out on it too)! But without any delays, here are this weeks picks! xx FBG

Forest Green - Odd Future
So I have my friend Tyler to thank for this one. On our way to Lawrence one night he turned on Odd Future's mixtape because apparently it's a pretty big deal that as a rap fan I'd never listened to them before. I had been meaning to but just never got around to it. And I finally got around to downloading their stuff (and The Weeknd's Trilogy.. I know, I know I'm late on the bandwagon) and I was actually surprised by how much I liked it. It's definitely a different sound from what I usually listen to but there are some really good tracks. I chose this for it's beat (a typical Tessa answer, I know) and also because Rachel and I decided our new life motto is "swag me out bitch" because why be feminine when you're a bro. (Bonus points if you can guess my favorite line in this song. Go.)

Wicked Games-The Weeknd
When I saw that someone had already started this week's On Repeat, I was scared for a minute that they would have taken a song by The Weeknd. I know Rachel has been into Trilogy for awhile now. However, this week it seems like all of us are really into The Weeknd. Out of all the songs on Trilogy I find myself going back to "Wicked Games" and "Montreal." His music is so simple yet so amazing. It was a real toss up between "Wicked Games" or "Sweet Life" by Frank Ocean. I'll just be waiting forever for a collaboration between the two, don't mind me.

King – Mike G
   At first, I was fairly upset that Tessa and Tori jacked my two top choices for this week’s post. How rude. However after listening to this track off 12 Odd Future Songs I knew I’d found a remedy. For some reason, I’ve barely strayed from rap/hip-hop this week (Kendrick Lamar’s “Backstreet Freestyle” has had an embarrassing amount of plays). We’re going to just try to ignore that this song is entirely about murder. Like, straight up, this dude basically claims himself as royalty for killing women. Regardless of the morbid topic, the beat and the lyricism are A+. So if OFWGKTA and The Weeknd could tour and collab that would be much appreciated plznthanku.

Only You - Delilah
     So I know I'm breaking the rap trend going on in this post, apologies. I just can't get over Delilah... her album has such an interesting variety of styles that really showcase her artistry and capabilities as a vocalist. I've been trying to get the other FBG to listen to her but they have been too obsessed with their own music this week, those bitchachos. So listen to her now, hokayyyy? Also recommended: Go and Shades of Grey


Fame is for assholes-Hoodie Allen
So, I guess this is a little different than what I usually post but alas, here it is; Hoodie Allen. I'm usually not into this kind of music but I will say he is definitely someone I enjoy listening to (not to mention, I sort of have to, my boyfriend is obsessed). I really enjoy this song and the lyrics along with it. oh and hey, he happens to be real cute. So I mean, there's that. 
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