Broke Girl No. 3

     I've always imagined that once I got a beauty blog I would be a lot better at writing an about me post, but that day has come and I've been sitting here for about thirty minutes writing and erasing everything. That probably has something to do with the fact that a majority of my course work involves writing copy and I'm never satisfied with anything. That being said here goes nothing.

Verging on twenty years old and navigating this thing they call college. Majoring in strategic communication with plans to go into media relations or something related to sports. I spend an obscene amount of time looking at ads, even when I'm not in class. I also spend a lot of time watching and reading about sports, and you guessed it, beauty products. Though during the week you can find me in some variation of leggings, a men's shirt, no make up and probably day old hair in a bun, I do know how to dress and do my make-up. If I'm not downing coffee like it's air working on a deadline, you can probably find me at one of my two places of employment.

Things I can't live without: iPhone, music (anything from rap to country), a good sports game, my Vans, an amazing mascara and of course the other four Girls.

I rant a lot. And make a lot of random purchases, mostly of things I don't need, which leads to my being broke. I'm a sucker for a good lipstick or a new Essie nail color.

Be prepared for a lot of random text posts about anything — music, school, my life, beauty — you name it I'll probably post it.


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