Outfit of the Day (OOTD)

Why hellooooo again, ladies! (and gentlemen?) I figured my first real post would be an opportunity to give you a general idea of my style and makeup. So, here goes:


Of course, college doesn't always leave time to do your hair every morning and make sure it looks presentable (I'm looking at you, girls who throw their hair in a baseball cap or in some frightening hot mess on top of your head). I usually take my showers at night but instead I took one this morning. It's pretty humid where I live so leaving it down wet would just turn it into something reminiscent of the 80s or 90s (think Jess from Saved By the Bell, not Madonna). So I tossed it up into a ballet bun, a favorite look of mine recently since I've been so busy. 
I always wear a full face of makeup because I have slight acne and some dark spots. I just feel more comfortable when I know it's hidden and will stay that way throughout the day.
I then move to my eyes: first, eyebrows. I use an eyeshadow from a NARS duo to fill in my brows and I LOVE it. When I do winged eyeliner I always use a nude eyeshadow, it's just a rule of mine I guess! However I always love to have some major color on my cheeks and lips which is obvious here.

Here's a list of products I used:
Foundation: Benefit "Hello Flawless" Liquid Foundation in 'Cheers to Me' Champagne
Concealer: Benefit Boi-ing in 01 & 02
Undereye Concealer: Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circle Treatment in Honey
Powder: Maybelline Dream Matte Powder in Honey
Brow Powder: NARS Duo in Madrague - the darker shadow
Eyeshadow: Revlon Colorstay Smoky Shadow Stick in Torch - the light side
Eyeliner: Stila Liquid Eyeliner in Brown
Mascara: Benefit "They're Real!"
Blush: e.l.f. Studio Blush in Tickled Pink
Lips: Revlon Lipstick in Coralberry


I went outside... correction, swam (SO MUCH HUMIDITY) outside before I got ready this morning. I was so glad I noticed before deciding what to wear because The Weather Channel said it was going to be only 70 or so. But here, you have to add 10 degrees between the walk to class and the humidity! I can't wear skirts or dresses twice a week because of lab so today I took the opportunity while I could. Us college girls always seem to have the vicious circle of wanting to look cute, remain comfortable, and not sweat our frackin tits off walking to class. Why does this always seem so impossible? Because we also don't want to be the girl in class who seems so... "overdone". Most college students are not very concerned on their appearance (which is totally fine, don't get me wrong), but this doesn't always encourage those who like clothes to make an effort for fear of standing out too much. So today I threw on a super comfortable jersey dress on top of a mint bandeau with my new favorite piece, a denim vest. Add some stud earrings and flip flops and I'm set!

What I'm wearing:
Mint bandeau - Aerie
Grey jersey dress - Express
Denim Vest - Forever 21
Flip Flops - American Eagle

Have a great Wednesday fellow broke girls!



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