Broke Girl No. 4

     Like the three girls before me, I am crawling up to my twentieth birthday here shortly. I refuse to believe I'll be almost twenty years old, as an act of defiance I told my mother I need a cake with Mordecai and Rigby from Regular Show on it. Besides my refusal to turn twenty, I can act maturely...sometimes. I just got promoted at my job and am now working full time. On top of working forty hours a week, I somehow manage to get decent grades. I finally declared my major as psychology, you know, after changing it four times. From there, I am 100% certain I have zero ideas on what to do next. Besides work and school, I started taking guitar lessons about a month ago and am so excited! I've been playing instruments since band and orchestra in fifth grade. I can very poorly play the violin and oboe. Yet I think I could still manage to play a few scales on the flute and piccolo. Playing instruments has always been a big stress reliever in my life. Another way I cope with the stress is running. I love learning about healthy eating and yoga (I could do much better in actually practicing these...oops). Anyway! Hair care, makeup, fashion, music, concerts, health, fitness, I love it all. It's hard to divide all my love between these, but the main loves of my life are Dr. Who, Sherlock, and boy bands. So basically, you'll never know what to expect from my posts, that should keep it interesting, right? 


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