OOTD | Tori + Rachel

dress: asos
tights: asos
belt: gap
boots: savers

dress: forever 21
tights: target
jacket: savers
boots: urban outfitters

     So, this post is a little belated but we thought we'd share a fairly awkwardly posed outfit of the night! Tori and I attended a Jukebox the Ghost concert last Thursday in Lawrence. Thanks to this beautiful "spring" weather, we're still all decked out in tights and boots. Note: I was wearing camouflage to hide from the shitty weather. And as per usual, all black. We both kept it fairly casual, seeing as we were just hanging out in a tiny bar. It always ends up getting packed a little tight, you know, people spill PBR on you. So nothing too fancy. Seeing as I stood on a bar stool for most of the set, I was also pretty damn glad I'd worn flats. Tori, though, probably could have used a few inches (cue riotous laughter). However we did end up freezing our asses off on the way back to the car, so someone should give us a stern talking-to about weather appropriateness. Anyhow, hope you enjoyed my broke friends!



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