OOTD | 09.28.2013

     Hola everyone! So, Tori and I got a lil' bit fancy last night and went to see a performance at the Kauffman Center. Adulting. Anywho, since sweats and a topknot were probably in poor taste, I opted for something slightly more put-together than usual. Try not to get distracted by the onslaught of color. Though the sheer blouse left me freezing my ass off, it added a more sophisticated element. Heeled ankle boots helped to dress it up as well. I kept accessories simple, wearing my normal handbag (seen in a previous ootd) as a clutch and finishing everything with a gold collar necklace.                                                                           For muh face, I expended much more energy than I typically do. Eyeshadow was kept minimal with a bronze shade to add warmth and shimmer. I then applied a touch of Benefit's "They're Real" and followed up with some flared falsies - quite haphazardly. I'll practice. PS, I clipped a little off both ends to make them a tad less dramatic. A red-toned blush was up next for the cheeks. To finish, I opted for a deep brick red lipstick to add some drama. I'll list everything and link what I can below! Until next week, I bid you adieu. 

Blouse | Forever 21
Jeggings (that's right, fancy.) | American Eagle
Ankle Boots | H&M
Bag (worn as clutch) | Nasty Gal
Collar Necklace | H&M
Base | Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua 12 Beige Rose (sample)
Eyeshadow | MAC Woodwinked
False Lashes | Eylure Vintage 122
Blusher | Tarte Amazonian Clay 12 Hour Blush in Natural Beauty
Lipstick | Wet' N Wild Matte Lipstick in 917B Cinnamon Spice


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On Repeat #20

If So - Atlas Genius
   So while you are reading this post, it is very likely I am seeing this band in concert. They are INcredible and I'm so glad Tessa made sure I listened to them this summer. I did a little towards the end but just recently have had their entire album on repeat (get that pun there??). They have a really neat sound that reminds me a bit of Phoenix but with a quirk. Seriously, I picked a random song from the album because all the tracks are great.

The Wire - Haim
Okay so quick change for this week's On Repeat. I was originally going to post something from NWTS, even though I promised myself I wouldn't give into the hype, I did and I still love that album. But I saw an ad for a HAIM show that was coming to town in a few weeks and had been meaning to listen to them so I finally did and my God. Why did I wait? These girls are ridiculously talented. Their album drops September 30, but they've got some singles & EPs already out. So check it folks, cause they're great and fantastic and I should've listened to BuzzFeed from the start.

Team - Lorde
     We here at FBG are no strangers to Lorde. She's essentially the biggest musical badass on Planet Earth. Probably, anyway. At age 16, she's made it onto the Billboard Top 100 and boasts some incredibly relatable pop tracks that put some of her older counterparts to shame. If "Team" is any indication of how her new album (Pure Heroine, dropping Monday) will pan out I'll be the first to get my hands on it. The same clever lyrics have returned, and somehow the beats have gotten better still. This woman.

National Anthem - Lana Del Rey
Okay so, i'll be the first to admit that I honestly despised Lana when she first became a huge hit. I'm not sure why, I just didn't like her persona I guess you could call it. Yet lately, I've been very intrigued by her music(also very intrigued with her). I dig this song because of her lovely voice as well as very interesting lyrics. It's true "tell me i'm your national anthem" okay!?

Sticks and Stones- Arlissa
It's been a very woman themed week! I guess Jen didn't get the memo, jk, jk.
Anyway, Arlissa has a crazy awesome voice. It is so soulful and just I don't even know. I love this song because it is a more soul/r&b type song but then it has this amazing beat that shouldn't actually work with the song but it makes it just that much better. I can't wait to hear more from this girl!
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Hair | Hair Care Routine

Hey sweet angels, today I am going to sort of give you my "hair care" routine. A few years ago I made the unfortunate decision to let a friend of mine give me a loose perm (out of the goodness of my heart clearly) for a grade at cosmetology school. Which obviously resulted in some SERIOUSLY fried hair (also doesn't help that I had a bad habit of going back and forth from brown to blonde). Sooooooo I just have really damaged hair to this day. Which means all of you get the pleasure of me giving some suggestions on what I usually do to help out my hair get back to a semi decent healthy state.

1. I try my best to get a trim at least once a month. I know you're suppose to do it much more than that but I either don't have the time or the money.

2. I know this sounds gross but I only wash my hair once or twice a week (don't worry, I shower. Just wear a shower cap). It takes awhile for your hair to get use to it but after it does it's totally worth it. Keeps all the good natural oils in your hair.

3. I use non-sulfate shampoo and conditioner! My favorite conditioner is Palmers Coconut Oil Formula repairing conditioner. 

4. Whenever I blow dry, flat iron, or curl my hair I try to use a heat protectant. My favorite is Not Your Mother's Beat the Heat.

5. After I've showered I sprits on Organix Morrocan Argan Oil or Organix Coconut Oil on to my hair.

I'm sure there's many other ways to treat your hair, but those are just a few of my tricks!

Now go on and treat yo self.

Kayson xo

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- If you have any extra tips feel free to tweet them at us or comment below!

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Comparison | BB Cream War

I have never been a BB Cream fanatic, I never bought into it. That is until I got a sample of the Dr. Jart Premium BB Cream in my ipsy bag. Holy mother of god. I have worn it every day since I got it. It goes on so well and is so light on the skin. So I almost had used the sample and decided to trek to Sephora to look for the full size. That's when I decided to not limit myself and get some samples of other ones to try.

BB Cream 1 (far left):
Tarte BB Tinted Treatment ($34): So far I am in love. I don't know what's up with my skin but products claiming to be long lasting typically last until lunch. Oh no, not this one. Even though it is marketed as a 12 hour cream, I noticed it stayed on my skin so well and still had a lot of coverage even after 12 hours. It has a nice silky consistency and it's just A+ good.

BB Cream 2 (middle): 
Tarte Amazonian Clay BB Tinted Moisturizer ($36): I was a bit worried about this but said 'what the hell' and got the sample. I was a bit leery just because it is clay. My skin is so weird, it can't decide if it's dry or normal or combination oily or whatever. This is definitely the heaviest of the three. I like the coverage but am not a fan of how heavy it is.

BB Cream 3 (right):
Dr. Jart Water Fuze Beauty Balm ($34): I loved the premium one so much I decided to branch out. It's not as dark as it looks in the picture. You know, I am always the lightest shade; ivory doesn't cut it (where's the ghost shade?). Anywho, I think I like the premium better. It still goes on smoothly but it has an odd cool feeling when I put it on and it doesn't as well as the premium.

The winner?
BB Cream 1. Maybe it's because I have used it the most but I don't know. I don't have to reapply anything during the day like I normally would. It gives my skin a nice radiance without looking overdone. I knew I needed to test all of this out because if I am going to spend $34 on a BB Cream I need to love it. And now I have samples to last me forever so I'll probably forget which one I loved the most.

Until next time, cheers!
xx Tori
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First Impressions | Clinique Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm

So this week's post is a bit of a two-in-one: a first impressions along with a mini review of Clinique's Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm. In my last post I mentioned how I went on a bit of a skincare rampage courtesy of Caroline Hiron's blog, so this is on her recommendation. My normal cleansing balm I have talked about before in my skincare routine post here. I purchased this one, after weeks of debating, for $28.50 at Sephora. Which in my opinion is well worth it.

This balm is oil based, so it feels a little bit greasy when you apply it but it doesn't leave your skin feeling greasy at all. It removed all of my make up with ease, even my eye make up and mascara without much hassel. Which is huge for me, as I am a mascara fiend and tend to pack it on. One thing I noticed when putting it on my eyes was it felt kind of gritty when it was removing my make up, I'm still not sure if this was the texture of my mascara coming off or if it was the cleanser itself. After using this, I still followed up with a second cleanse, solely out of habit and per recommendation of Caroline, though I probably didn't need to because I had no make up residue on my second cleanse like I normally do.

On to packaging and such. I love the fact that this comes in a tub. I do like the pump of my Liz Earle cleansing balm, but it was always hard to tell how much I needed and I somehow always ended up with excess or needing multiple pumps if I used smaller amounts. With the tub however, you are able to easily control how much you get out and you need the smallest amounts. Which brings me to my next point, I know nearly $30 for a cleanser is a steep price tag, but you need so little and it comes in a giant tub that's going to last you a long time, even if you use it everyday (if you would like I can update you on how long this one lasts me!).

Based solely on my first use of this, I think I would definitely repurchase this product. I know the blog name is Five Broke Girls, and here I am telling you that I would spend $30 on a cleansing balm, but in all honesty, anything higher end I buy, I put a lot of thought behind & do my research. And I'm definitely willing to spend the extra dollars on my skin care to have good skin, because if your skin is in balance, then you can sort of cheat your way on make up (less foundation, concealer!).

Well, that's it for me this week. I'll talk to you next week, darlings!

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Lifestyle | Staying Healthy in College

Happy Monday!

I am in such a good mood this week because I get to go home this Thursday! I am beyond excited.... although this means I have a major pile of work to do before I leave so this post is going to be short and sweet but hopefully informative!

This post is actually on request of my friend Olivia, so here you are girl!

We all know that staying fit in college is a struggle. Between the mountains of studying, papers, and tests to the social aspect and fitting in time to sleep, college is all about juggling your priorities. I went into college my freshman year weighing about 20 pounds overweight from the stress of senior year and applying to colleges. When I got here, I decided to make a change and this is how! (By the way, I've lost 15 pounds since that first fall freshman year)

1. Get in a routine.
I know this is hard when your workload is consistently changing and different social opportunities arise, but try to keep a similar schedule. This helps your body in keeping a consistent rhythm and also just makes you feel less crazy. For example, I get up at 7:30 in the morning every. day. This sucks when I initially wake up but once I get moving I'm incredibly productive.

2. Buy your food at the grocery store.
If you're in a dorm room, this is a hard one to accomplish because you most likely have a dining plan. However, when you buy snacks, go to the grocery store instead of the on-campus shop because it's both cheaper and you're more likely to make healthy choices when candy and pizza aren't staring you in the face at 3AM. Your wallet will thank you.

3. Exercise every other day, if not every day.
When I get up at 7:30 during the week, I go for a 2-mile run. It's not much, but it is exercise and every bit helps. Usually I'm not even running the entire time because I'm completely out of shape, but by putting forth the effort every day I'll eventually get there. Some days I wake up and know that running is not going to happen, and that's okay. You can take a break. And I definitely don't run on the weekends.... way too much effort. Commit, but you don't need to be hardcore about it.

4. Eat actual meals.
I get satisfaction out of putting together a small meal, even if it's just toast, eggs, and some orange juice. You feel accomplished like a real-life adult (even if you're pretending... I won't tell). If you're snacking throughout the entire day it's much easier to rack up those calories because you're constantly hungry. If you sit down for three meals a day, you're much more likely to really get the nutrients you need.

Alright, that's all for me this week! Let us know if you have any comments/questions/requests!

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Wishlist | ASOS Autumn + Winter

     With the arrival of the cooler weather, I've been perpetually shopping for some suitable wardrobe additions. Online shopping is a particular issue, and I find myself frequently getting lost on Asos. If you haven't heard of it, you're missing out. Essentially it is a curation website of sorts - much like Nasty Gal. Though like most things I love in life, it originated in the UK. They boast a massive amount of inventory which is a mix of their own house brand and others, both designer and more budget brands. The website is easily navigable and has load of filters for silhouette, color, price, etc. The best bit is the free shipping both ways. There's little hesitation on my end when I'm not sure if something will fit. If I end up being unsatisfied, I pop the item back in its original packaging, attach a return label, and I'm sorted. I'm fairly sure they've established themselves in the States by this point, but if you're an Asos virgin please go check out the site.

*disclaimer: not everything I've selected is exactly budget friendly, but they're either basic pieces I find worthwhile to "invest"  in or I'm merely drawing inspiration and will look for cheaper alternatives.

A | ASOS Leather Fringe Tote in Color Block $128
     I've been on the hunt for a new bag, and I think I've finally stumbled upon it. I love the oxblood and black combo, and the tassels and fringe add just enough interest to keep this neutral bag from being boring. After spending a sizable amount on a Nasty Gal synthetic leather bag (and it  not holding up terribly well), I've decided to stick with higher quality offerings from now on. This bag is leather, so it will hold up and only get better with wear. The size is great and allows me  to chuck in all the unnecessary things I lug around with me. Plus, there's a crossbody strap which is essential in my book.

B | ASOS Angora Beret Hat $26
     As you will notice, most things on this list are the site's house brand. After several orders from their line, I'm thoroughly impressed with the quality and design of their pieces. This adoooorable beret is no exception. Angora seems to be quite a trendy texture for this season. I completely condone it, because I've already bought a black yeti cardigan from F21 and have fallen in love. Anywho, I like this particular hat because it's a little less structured than your standard beret and thus is slightly more casual. I'm sure once Kansas decides to become a frozen tundra this will be much appreciated.

C | ASOS Smock Dress in Oversized Dark Floral $51
     It's a little sad that the only colored item I'm lusting after is a few measly shades of blue. But whateva. This dress is beautiful. The floral print brings a girly element, but the muted tones and the oversized shape help make it more causal than prim. I would probably style it with some silver jewelry and sheer tights, possibly a leather moto jacket if I wanted to introduce some structure to the outfit. Regardless, this would be a great interest piece and fingers crossed I can manage my money and end up adding it to my wardrobe.

D | ASOS Jacket in Longline & Texture $85
     It is no secret that I love a good cardigan. Especially if it's neutral. So, as you can imagine, this is a dream piece for me. The vaguely boxy texture and monochromatic palette remind me a little of the infamous Chanel tweed jackets, but obviously much more casual and toned-down. Asos nailed the styling, as I would love to pair it with black jeans and a simple top. It's something I think is incredibly versatile and classic.

E | ASOS Metallic Fishnet Tights $11
     Normally I would cringe at the mention of fishnet, but I quickly changed my mind upon seeing these. They have a subtle gold metallic thread running through, which would be great for more festive events or even to add edge to a casual outfit. Though beautiful, this may be an instance where I try to find a cheaper alternative since they aren't a staple nor too functional (may be a bit breezy in the winter).

F | Cheap Monday Sweater with Dipped Back $68
     Surprise. Another neutral basic. When sticking to a fairly bland color palette, I think it's important to play with texture and shape. This sweater delivers in both aspects. The sheer knit plus side slits mixes it up without making it difficult to style. Anything high-waisted would suit this well and an undershirt could easily be added to make up the warmth. Cheap Monday is a bit pricey, but I know I'd get a few seasons out of this.

Alrightay, that's everything I've been drooling over online. If you guys would like to see more posts of this sort (or you want me to keep my wardrobe lusting private), please comment below! Speak to you next week lovelies.


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On Repeat #19

Sorry - Naya Rivera ft. Big Sean
I'll be the first one to admit how huge of a gleek I am. Which means I like to support the actors/actresses with things outside of Glee. So, of course when Naya came out with her first single I had to listen. At first, I was like "Oh Naya...Really?" but to be honest I can't stop singing it now. It's a wonderful song if your current boyfriend has girls who want him and all you can say is "Sorry I'm not sorry. Now he's mine baby." It's pretty catchy, as if saying "Sorry I'm not sorry" wasn't easy enough to get in a habit of saying in the first place. Oh, and she sorta calls out all of Big Sean's exes at the end of the song. Damn Girl.

Supersoaker- Kings of Leon
This songs has been playing nonstop on the radio lately. I don't normally listen to the radio outside work, but am definitely not opposed to hearing Lorde and Kings of Leon played multiple times in a day. I was never a huge Kings of Leon fan, but I am for sure loving their new stuff. I don't know if I've been brainwashed due to the amount of times I've heard it, but whatever, I'm cool with it.

THE ENTIRETY OF THIS ALBUM - Pride and Prejudice
    I don't know who hasn't listened to this album, but they are missing out on one of the greatest joys in life. If you like this movie even just the teensiest, listen to this album. You immediately feel transported to 19th century England and suddenly have the urge to drink tea/coffee and do homework or read some classic novel. This is one of my favorite albums or playlists to listen to when studying because it motivates me to be academic. Sounds crazy, I know, but I'm serious. Rachel is probably gonna fangirl when she sees this because she's about as obsessed with this movie as I am.

All Over the Road - Easton Corbin
So it's no big secret that I'm a huge country music fan. But give me a break, I did live in basically in the middle of Kansas for two years. Speaking of, I've been missing MHK like crazy (so much so I've talked Rachel & Kayley into a road trip next month). Anyway, enough chit chat, down to the song. Honestly, I'm not sure what it is about this song but it's just too adorable to ignore. It's kind of like a One Direction song because no matter my mood, if I put this song on, I'll be in a good mood instantly. You just can't be in a bad mood and listen to it. It's impossible. Yes, I did just compare country music & One Direction. Bring it. Oh and did I mention how adorable he is? Look at that face.

Guild - Earl Sweatshirt
     At this point, it's clear that I'm oblivious to Odd Future / its members. Obviously. Anyhow, Earl's new album Doris is kickass (is this my descriptor for everything cool? Maybe.) It's slightly more mellow that OF's mixtapes which I appreciate. There's a good mix of collabs, including a couple cameos from Tyler, the Creator. "Guild" has some of the best rap runs on the album, but "Hoarse" and "Pre" were also contenders for this week's selection. I haven't listened to Mac Miller much but this track has sparked my interest. Perhaps sometime before I graduate I'll listen to something not Odd Future. Es posible.
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Favorites | Fall

Hey gorgeous people! So today I'm gonna talk about a few of my favorite fall items. Fall is hands down my favorite season of the year, besides Spring which is a close second. I'm going to try and add as many pictures to show you colors etc. but my posts keep "failing" every time I try to add them! So I will try my hardest :)

-Over sized sweatshirts. Especially random college and teams from goodwill/savers.
-Sweaters are also a must have.
-Leggings. Target and PINK are the best quality in my experince.
-Boots. My favorite are my lace up Steve Maddens.

I am really enjoying Color Show "Impeccable Grays"

Of course, just like most "white girls" I enjoy a Salted Caramel Mocha from Starbucks. This year, finally being 21, I reallllyyy enjoy Blue Moon's Harvest Pumpkin Ale beer.

I am a huuuuuuuge fan of scary movies. my favorite is PSYCHO. My runner ups are Amityville Horror, Scream, and Halloween. Of course i'll watch as many as I can during the holiday season.

That's it for this week! see you all next Thursday.

Kayson xo
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Haul | Ulta

I blame Target for this haul. I went in solely to get Essie's Bahama Mama and they were out. Luckily for me, I have Target, Sephora, and Ulta all in the same shopping area. So I innocently went into Ulta to pick up Bahama Mama. What ended up happening was me getting 111 points and a free sample of Urban Decay's Anti-aging primer. In my defense, the big ticket items had been on my wishlist for awhile...

1. The Naked Palette ($50): I have been wanting this palette for about a solid year now. Ulta had it on display and I finally caved. I bought all this last Thursday and have used this palette every day(along with a few MAC shadows as well; I'm looking at you Club and Woodwinked). I am so happy I bought it.

2. St. Ives Green Tea Gel Cleanser ($5.99): I don't even know how I got into the skincare section. I don't. I impulsively bought this without even hearing reviews on it or anything. I really like the smell of it but it does dry my skin out a bit. I probably won't buy it again especially come winter when my skin will be beyond dry anyway.

3. Essie in Bahama Mama ($8.00): This is what I initially came for. I am absolutely in love with it and am so happy I bought it. It's a perfect fall color.

4. Anastasia Brow Whiz in Ash Blonde ($21.00): Along with the Naked Palette, I have wanted this for so long. I decided to test it out to see if it was worth the hype. I mean, if it's $21 it better work miracles. Unfortunately for my wallet, it does. The thing that takes the most time in my make-up routine in the mornings would be brows. This goes on so easily and smoothly and really cuts down on time...which means more sleep.

5. Queen Heline Grape Seed Extract Peel Off Masque ($3.99): This purchase I justified with me being easily amused. I wanted a peel off masque. Alright, so I expected it to have color but it is actually clear. After about 10 minutes it's good to go. If you've ever been sunburned enough to have your skin peel, that's exactly what this looks like. So if you're not a fan of looking like a snake shedding its skin, I wouldn't try this. I thought it was cool and actually looked to tighten my pores a bit. 

Until next time (hopefully with a video),
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Comparison | Avon v Formula 10.0.6

So I've had both of these masks for a while now and thought it was about time I shared my opinions with you guys on both, and put them up against each other just for the heck of it.

First up is AVON's Clearskin Pore Penetrating Black Mineral Mask. This caught my attention in an AVON book because I had been looking to try Origins's Clear Improvement Charcoal Mask for a while, but didn't want to drop the $24 for it. Upon first impressions, the packaging design isn't my favorite. I know, I know, it's not about the packaging but rather the product inside, but being an advertising major it's part of my job to critique packaging (or so I like to think). Anyway, on to the mask. The active ingredient in it is salicylic acid, and a very small concentration of it at only 0.5%. I have found that other treatments have worked better for my skin as far as skin clearing so I was a little skeptical of how it would work. After a few uses, I noticed that it was helping the few spots I had — they were getting smaller and looked less red and irritated. It also helped to make my pores shrink which is always a huge plus for me. One tip I have about using this: do not leave it on for longer than it says. The first time I used this I lost track of time and left it on for longer than the recommended 15 minutes and my skin was red and irritated. It was all clear by the next morning but slightly terrifying to remove a mask to find your skin bright red. Eek. My favorite feature of this mask was that it applies as a dark grey color, but dries as a light grey so you can see when all sections of your face are dry, no guess work here. This mask retails for $6.99 on AVON's website.

The other mask I've been rotating in my routine is Formula 10.0.6's Pores Be Pure Skin-Clarifying Mud Mask with Strawberry and Yarrow. This mask claims on it's front packaging: "Berry boosters go straight to work on clogged pores, strawberry and rosemary eliminate impurities, while yarrow clarifies skin for instant complexion perfection." I'll admit I adored this mask at first. Then during a late night skin care evaluation inspired by Caroline Herrons from BeautyMouth.com, I discovered that this little gem contains mineral oil (cue cries and a screech of horror). Now, I haven't always been super strict about my skin care and the ingredients, but I have started caring a bit more. That being said, I do still use this, just not nearly as often as I did when I first purchased it. The packaging of this mask is A+, I don't know if it's just because it's pink or I really enjoy the font choice or both. In either case, it's great. As far as the actual mask goes, I didn't notice huge differences in my skin on weeks when I did or didn't use it, though it does smell really nice. This mask retails for $5.99 at Ulta.

Now for the showdown. If I had to choose one mask to repurchase, it would be the AVON mask without a doubt, even though it's more expensive for less product, not using mineral oil on my skin is a huge thing to me. That was a big factor for me, as well as I felt that my skin reacted better to the AVON formulation over Formula 10.0.6's.

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Wishlist | GAP

Oh, the struggle is so real in my life right now. I am piled with homework on homework on homework that it's almost become ridiculous (no, it is ridiculous). Try as I might, my to-do list continues to grow. Alas, I have found two ways to relieve stress: I exercise every day and do a little online window-shopping. It helps me feel better to know when I do finally have some moolah again I have everything I want already picked out.

Which brings me to Gap. This household brand has long been a love of mine and every year they continue to come out with basic clothing with subtle twists. Here is what I'm yearning over right now:

1. Classic Leather Belt in mercury gray ($29.95)
2. Shirttail-hem Sweater in cashew crunch ($39.95)
3. Suede Zipped Booties in iced taupe ($89.95)
4. Eversoft V-Neck Sweater in ivory frost ($39.95)
5. 1969 Sexy Boyfriend Cords in navy ($59.95)

Obviously these are all completely out of my price-range, but GAP does tend to have some pretty great sales. So if the stars align and everything is reduced and I have money, expect these items to be in my closet.

Until next week!

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Face of the Day

     Hellur ladies & gents! Back to quickly share the makeup I donned yesterday. Since it was a fairly casual Saturday of errands, lunch, etc. I didn't get too crazy. So, here we go.

     For my base, I used YSL's Le Teint Touche Eclat  since I swiped a sample from Sephora a few weeks ago. Quite unfortunately, I'm in love with it. The gel texture and lack of opaque pigments is basically like spreading angel tears all over your face. It's an emotional experience. I've pretty much decided that I'm going to be a complete idiot and spend $55 on the full size. Excuse me while I cringe for a few days. Still, it's really the only foundation I've fallen in love with so whateva. Treat yo'self. I'm currently using the shade B10 (the line is split up into cool {BR + #}, neutral {B + #}, and warm {BD + #} tones) though I think I'll end up buying BR20 since I definitely have rosy undertones. I used the tiniest bit of my Revlon Color Stay concealer in fair to cover up a little bit of scarring.

     For the eyes, I used MAC's Woodwinked and concentrated it at the lash line with a flat shader brush (I used the one included with the NAKED palette). I then took a fluffier brush and blended upwards. This added a bit of shimmer and warmth without looking over-done or heavy. For a little added intensity, I took a warm matte brown shadow from the Sonia Kashuk Eye On Neutral 2 palette and pressed it along the lash line with an angled brush. With a slightly lighter shade, I used a pencil brush to create a shadow on my lower lash line, only taking it about 3/4 of the way in. I finished up by curling my lashes with the Tweezerman Deluxe Eyelash Curlers  and a coat of Maybelline Falsies in Brownish Black.

     Finally, using my Covergirl Clean Glow Bronzer (120 Spices) I used a combo of the two darkest shades and applied this just below my cheekbones, and on my temples, nose, and chin. I then applied a little of the lightest and middle shade to the apples of my cheeks.

    I finished with my eos lip balm, and voilĂ . Fin!

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On Repeat #18

Wrecking Ball - Miley Cyrus
Honestly, I've changed my choice for this week roughly five times, there's just been too much I've been listening to and loving lately. The first time I heard this song was actually during my PRSSA meeting on Tuesday — and love or hate Miley currently, this song is fantastic. I'll admit I'm not loving Miley's crazy side lately, but she's putting out good music regardless. "We Can't Stop" is incredibly catchy and I find myself singing it even if I haven't listened to it in a while. "Wrecking Ball" is quite the opposite but I love how raw the song is as far as the emotion behind it, and she shows that in her music video too. So if you haven't checked out this song already, I highly suggest you do. Maybe just not the music video as it's not everyone's cup of tea.

The Mother We Share - Chvrches
I just recently started listening to Chcvrches not even a week ago. I'm such a sucker for female leads though, I just couldn't help myself but download a few songs. This one has been the one mainly played because of its upbeat-sweet tone. I'm not 100% on the meaning of this song because it seems to have some "deep" under lying reasoning to the lyrics but my favorite is "in the dead of night, i'm the only one here, and i will cover you until you go-o-oh" just because I feel like with some people you feel as if you're always there but they don't necessarily apprecitate it. I'm just stating my feelings towards it, I could be so wrong. Any who, I suggest this song. I really enjoy it.

Gravity - John Mayer
Just a wee bit of a throwback for me this week. John Mayer was muh jaaaaaam in high school. I just downloaded his new album Paradise Valley, but the jury is still out on that. He covers Skynard, so I’m just a little bit confused. But we shall see. It did however inspire me to get back into his older albums. Anyhow, though "Gravity" isn't my all time favorite of his, it’s up there (“Stop This Train is probs my No. 1 of all time, yo). I exhaustively listened to Battle Studies as well back in the day. We’re just going to ignore the duet with Taylor Swift. If you haven’t heard this song, crawl out from under your rock and have a listen.

Only Love - Ben Howard
This song. I literally can't even. My good friend Brittany (who I have all my science classes with) has ranted about how amazing this man is but I didn't listen until now. Now it is impossible for me to stop. His entire first album is amazing so check out other songs as well! His style is akin to Ed Sheeran... so if you're a fan of Ed, you need to check this artist out. I promise you won't regret it.
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Better Late Than Never | Kayley

Okay, so I realize it's ACTUALLY Friday (the 13th, to be exact) but I am just posting to explain my recent lateness and absence. I have not been absent luckily for sickness but none other than internet problems and scheduling. For whatever reason last week I was having internet issues, and I am recently helping the opening process of an ULTA store which means working 52 hours in one week... ha, ANYWAYS I was just posting to explain myself and to inform I have a few ideas brewing in my mind on my upcoming posts. I want to do a Fall themed, "Firsts" Video, and going to attempt to do a "My boyfriend does my make up" tag video. see you all incredibly soon! :)

Kayson xo
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Review | Juice Beauty Green Apple Peel

As you know from a post or so ago, I wasn't too psyched to get this in my last Birchbox. That being said, I've had a chance to use it and I've had my ideas changed. I was worried that it would dry my sensitive skin out like everything else does. It seriously does not matter if it's for sensitive skin or not, it always will dry my skin out. Anywho, I left this stuff on for roughly ten minutes and the number one thing I noticed was smaller pores. I am like a pore junky, anything to help minimize pores, I want it. So having this product actually make me notice a difference was huge.

Obvi minimized pores!
I still hated the smell, it really doesn't smell like green apples and that's a big disappointment.
It did dry my skin out a bit. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be though, so it was alright.

Verdict: I am actually undecided as to whether I will purchase the full size of this product. While I did love that it minimized my pores, I'm not sure it did enough in other areas to make me want it too badly.

Until next week!

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The Fall Edit | Beauty & Fashion Bits

So the Pumpkin Spice Latte has returned at Starbucks, which if you ask any white girl, is obviously the tell-all sign that fall is here. Well, I don't know about you, but here in Kansas temperatures are still in the 80s and 90s and I'm just dreaming about the day I can finally throw on a sweater and leggings and boots and not be sweating to death. So with that in mind, here's my fall edit on what I'm looking forward to styling and wearing, both make up and fashion-wise.

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GRWM | Casual Weekend Makeup Video

Hello everyone and happy Monday! Or not so happy... I have my full first week of school and spent all day Saturday and Sunday doing homework and preparing for classes. I figured I'd share with you all the easy makeup I do on the weekend when I go to the library or coffee shop. Simple, but still nice looking. Not scary. Which is always a plus.

Hurrrr ya go!

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The Fall Edit | Nail Polish

     Alrighty, I know Tessa has an autumn edit queued to go up soon (get excited, woopwoop) but I'm jumping the gun and sharing a few of my favorite nail polishes that are getting me ready for weather less similar to the deepest rings of hell. These shades will help transition me from brightly polished summer nails, which is about the only color I wear as of late.

   Firstly is a Sally Hansen shade that's been around for a while. This is great when you want something dark, but less dramatic than a black or navy nail. I think the grey-ish color with a purple undertone would be universally flattering, no matter your skin tone. Though the price is a little steep for a lower-end brand, the formula doesn't leave anything to be desired. I find it lasts just as long as its more expensive counterparts, is opaque, and has a flat, sturdy brush. Plus, even after over a year of ownership it hasn't thickened or gone gloopy.

     Now, for a cheaper offering from Sally Hansen. I'm quite the fan of blue nail polish, but out of my ever expanding collection this is by far my favorite. This garners a lot of attention any time I wear it but never looks juvenile or over the top. As a bonus, these are dirt cheap and the formula is nearly opaque in one coat. I'm not terribly into bright colors (if you hadn't deduced this already) but this is an exception. I've never spotted one of these at Target or Walmart, but picked it up on sale at Ulta so check this bby out.

     I have a sickness. I'll admit it. I can't stop with the damn Essie nail polish. I grabbed this in a time of no self control (so a normal day) this past spring and haven't looked back since. Much opposed to my previous listing, this is a nice understated hue. The grey-toned green won't overpower a look yet still manages to not be a bore. Though it will be A+ for autumn, I've been wearing it all year and enjoy it every time I do.

     Another muted favorite of mine. I think this is nearly an exact dupe for Essie's Ladylike. At only $1.50, how could you resist? This mauve polish helps me look put together even after I've hit sleep 6 times that morning. I luuurv the little bottle, and the brush is also square and sturdy so application is a breeze. I'm not even upset that I own two nearly identical nail polishes. That's how much I love it. Or how ridiculous I am. Whichever.

See errybody next week!

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Review | All Lacquered Up

      Recently, there's been a new generation of liquid lipsticks cropping up in several brands's lines. No longer are we restricted to the standard bullet lipstick - though that isn't going anywhere. Modern lip lacquers are currently making the rounds. Now after that terribly dramatic intro (and garishly punny title), I thought I'd share my thoughts on a few varieties I've tried and tested.


     If the name of this shade alone doesn't tempt you to buy this, you're a better woman than I. Watching a copious amount of British YouTubers (as I do) it was basically inevitable that I pick one up. Marketed as "Apocalips" lip lacquers in the UK, I'd heard all about these lil' gems. Tessa and I hunted them down once we caught wind of their release in the states. As of now, they're exclusive to Walgreens.  I'm quite the fan of Rimmel's Kate Moss matte lipstick line, so I was pleased when these had the same fruity scent (the shade range seems to be fairly similar as well). As for functionality, they're soft on the lips and don't bleed or feather. It's a nice hybrid between a matte and gloss finish, while still delivering a solid color payoff. I also find them to be longer wearing than a standard lipstick, which is much appreciated through the work day. The only major con I've found with the Showoff lacquers is I feel like I need to use a lip brush to apply it, at least in this shade. The doe-foot applicator holds a little well of product, which can apply too much to the lips if you're not careful. This, coupled with my ineptitude, is most likely why I use a brush. Still, once I've applied a base layer touch-ups are brush-free. Overall, these are on point and you can consider this me enabling you to buy them. Go.


     Of all three products, this beauty by NYX is my favorite (initially) on the lips. It's even creamier than the Rimmel lipstick and has a slightly glossier finish - but isn't sticky at all. The consistency does push me to use a brush though. It delivers on opacity, and I don't feel compelled to wear a lip balm underneath. While the color range isn't too impressive, this berry shade has muh heart. Unfortunately, there's nothing "xtreme" about the lasting power. It transfers quite easily, and doesn't stain. Even just sipping water at work I need to touch up every few hours. It does, however, fade evenly so I'm not left with a horrid ring of color around my outer lips.  Still, unless you fell in absolute love with a shade or don't mind touch-ups, I'd opt for the Showoffs (better smell, better lasting power, better price...). 


     While the other two I've shared with you are quite glossy, this NYX version is totally matte. The concept is a little different from anything else I've tried. It applies like a silky lip gloss but dries without any shine whatsoever. Naturally, the matte finish helps it to be longer wearing. On the other hand, it is slightly drying on the lips; but that can be easily remedied with a little lip balm applied first. I'm actually not the biggest fan of this shade. I do have my eye on both Addis Ababa (a bright fuschia) and Monte Carlo (a deep red). Regardless, I think the unique consistency is worth a gander if you like a matte lip.

     Alrighty dudes, that's it for me today. See you again tomorrow for my normally scheduled post!

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On Repeat #17

Gasoline- Alpine
     Like I said last week, I've been in a bit of music rut lately. So I turned on the Spotify MS MR radio and this lovely tune came up. I really enjoy Alpine in general. Most of the songs are a nice semi quicker pace/ beat. While they do use a lot synth, which I'm normally not much of a fan of, the harmonies between the two Australian vocalists gets me every time.

Boy - Nina Nesbitt
     Now this isn't something that's been on repeat all of this week, but I'm absolutely in love with it. I read Buzzfeed's article "20 Female Artists Under 20 You Should Be Listening To" and of course immediately went to Spotify and got everything that I could. I had heard of Nina before but just never really got around to listening to her and I turned on this song last night while editing and penning a few new blog posts and I'm obsessed. She's got a fantastic voice and her song content is A+. Basically a female Ed Sheeran.

Hero Brother - Sarah Neufeld
    So this week is a bit of a departure from what I typically post. If you don’t recognize the name, Neufeld is the violinist from Arcade Fire. Quite recently she released a solo album, Hero Brother. I’ve never been terribly into the band, but I’ve loved her solo tracks. Everything is instrumental – but not boring in any way (especially the title single). Apparently she recorded in some odd places…like a parking garage.  The album has been much appreciated as I’ve tried to remain somewhat focused on school. It’s a nice change from the Pride & Prejudice soundtrack I’ve worn out as a study playlist (but it’s still awesome so check that shit out too).

Can't Help Falling in Love - Elvis Presley
    This song came up on one of my 8tracks playlists, and I haven't been able to get enough of it since. I'm personally not much of an Elvis fan but this song is timeless. The fact that his voice is so raw and he isn't concerned about hitting the exact right notes makes this song so meaningful. Also, how could you not just swoon at the lyrics? If a guy sang this to me, he'd have my heart forever.
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Updates | Music & On Repeat

Hey guys! Just wanted to update you on some things. While this is a tiny baby post, expect a video next week. School and work has been crazy for me.

Anywho, I spent the weekend sick and sleeping (thanks allergies, u da best) and doing homework. But! The girls and I were talking about how to take On Repeat to the next leevveellll. We can't decide between 8tracks or Spotify or both.

I set up a Spotfiy account that has all of August's On Repeat tunezz in there (you can just type fivebrokegirls in the Spotify search bar). However, the point was brought up about people who don't have/don't want to download Spotify.

So do you guys want an 8tracks? Do you want a featured girl to do a month playlist? You guys decide! Leave a comment below or comment on a video on our YouTube channel or twitter (@fivebrokegirls).

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Haul | Target

Hello broke people! I have a short haul for you today from Target. They aren't all beauty items because I get easily distracted in that red vortex that takes all my money. But here you are!

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FOTD | & It's My Birthday


So I had another post planned for today, but considering it was a holiday weekend and I work retail, and I am now spending my day in class, filming seemed to be a challenge. That post will be coming to you next week, so get excited! Anyway, today I'm just gonna share with you a quick FOTD because I needed a quick-fix to my lack of filming time. Without further delay, here you go. And everyone appreciate the fact that I was taking selfies for this in the computer lab during my break. Which is also why I will apologize for the terrible lighting. Enjoy your day and I'll have a full post up next week!


YSL Touche Eclait in B10
Covergirl Freshcomplexion Undereye Concealer in Ivory
Maybelline Dream Lumi Concealer in Radiant
Rimmel Stay Matte Powder in Transparent

NYX Jumbo Shadow Stick in Milk
Urban Decay Naked Basics (Naked 2, Venus)
Rimmel London Get in Line Liquid Liner in Black
Maybelline Falsies Big Eyes Mascara in Blackest Black

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