Clean and Clear vs. Neutrogena

     As long as I can remember I have struggled with acne, not only acne but horribly obvious oily skin. Even if there's a week or two where my skin is pretty clear, oil is the main thing that ruins it. So to my rejoice, as of lately acne cleansing companies have been paying more attention to "Shine Control". 

(My skin is usually noticeable due to shine. as you can see in the picture. That also features Tessa and Rachel, two of the other broke girls).

     There are two shine control cleansers/masks that I have bought to try to tone down my shiny face. Neutrogena's "Deep Clean Shine Control Cleanser/Mask" and Clean and Clear's "Advantage Oil Absorbing Cream Cleanser".

Clean and Clear- I really like this one, it uses powder to keep away unwanted oil, without completely drying your face out. It has a pretty good smell to it. But, I have noticed it sometimes leaves a powdery residue left on your face. On the downside, after a few hours my skin would start to become shiny again. I would really recommend it for people with semi-oily skin. 
$7.99 at CVS pharmacies

Neutrogena- I also enjoy this product because it's not only a cleanser, but if I really need to get rid of the oil there's a built in mask. Just like the other product this uses powders to get rid of and absorb the oils in your pores. However, it can really dry out your skin. I would recommend this for people with very oily skin. 
$7.99 at CVS pharmacies

Out of the two, I would have to say the Neutrogena Deep Clean works the best for my skin - as I have very oily and shiny skin daily. It keeps the oil away all day.

-Broke girl no.5, Kayson.


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