On Repeat #50

Icarus - Bastille
      I didn't expect to like this song so much, but there's something incredibly catchy about it. Pop rock tends to have that effect I suppose. I really enjoy the back vocals of this track, and of course the fact that Bastille hails from London is a bonus. I've now downloaded the entirety of Bad Blood and it seems like there's a good mix of slow and upbeat songs. Very interested to see how that plays out.

All Night Longer - Sammy Adams
     Can we tell I'm completely over finals/school/life in general really? By the time this is posted I will be 4 exams away from sweet freedom. Until summer classes start that is. I've always been a Sammy Adams fan, but kind of forgot about him for a while. He was a recent rediscovery on Spotify, thanks in part to Jen's wonderful "Thugnificant" playlist. Ever since last week when Rachel and I actually ventured out with people (what? Shocking, I know), I've been listening to him a lot more. He's got some great summer/party anthems and he's got a sound similar to Hoodie Allen so of course I'm a fan. Not to mention his face...


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