May Playlist

It's been awhile since I've shared with you guys what's been making a rotation when it comes to my music. Obviously you get bits and pieces with On Repeat every week but I decided I'd open up my playlists once again to show you guys what I've been listening to. I know we're still barely into May, but this is a collection of what I've been listening to over the past couple of months, and I have a feeling most of this will still be making the rounds on my summer playlists. Hopefully you'll get introduced to some new music or rediscover some old favs.

Childish Gambino
    I mentioned that I got into his newest album, because the internet, sometime last month after putting it off for a while. It's still been making the rounds on my most played and I've also rediscovered a few old favorites from him. His music is one I turn to for commuting and working out. His collaborations are always on point, and I really wish him and Chance the Rapper would just put out an album together already (a la Jay-Z & Kanye) because I'm really convinced they can do no wrong.
Listen to: WORLDSTAR, The Worst Guys, You See Me, Bonfire

Iggy Azalea
     My most recent On Repeat pick is of course still being played. I can't get over her style and how awesome this album is. It's a good one to blast with the windows down, and I've been known to rap every single word to Fancy at parties recently. My bad. Not to mention she collaborates with Rita Ora on this album, who was pretty much my queen last summer. If you're in the mood for some serious girl power, turn her on and you won't be disappointed.
Listen to: Fancy, Black Widow, Goddess

    I've ever ventured much into Shakira's music beyond her hits, but her newest album was listened to on Jen's recommendation and I am in love. Not only is Shakira absolutely adorable on The Voice, and of course we already knew this, but the woman is ridiculously talented. Her new self titled album really shows her range of style and definitely makes me appreciate her as an artist. There's more to her than just a couple hits for sure.
Listen to: Dare (La La La), You Don't Care About Me

Sammy Adams
    Okay so I'm definitely giving you a sneak peek of my On Repeat pick, and I'm sorry but I couldn't resist. Did you really think I was never going to mention Boston's Boy on this blog? I didn't think so. Sammy Adams is another long time favorite of mine who I've been recently rediscovering. I really wish he would drop a new album as it's long overdue but I guess I'll settle for Hoodie Allen's new releases in the mean time.
Listen to: Summertime, Blow Up, Jets Over Boston, Comin' Up

    I've said it before and I'll say it again: Tyga is so underrated. Possibly the most underrated on the music scene. And I really don't care if you disagree with me there. He's done a lot of catchy stuff but he's definitely not a one and done. Plus, I will bet you anything if you drive with the windows down listening to his stuff you will feel 100% bad ass, and he's the perfect artist to turn to when I'm getting ready to go out.
Listen to: Dope, Switch Lanes, Bang Out

Little Mix
     If you want some serious Spice Girls like girl power, Little Mix is your answer. I wasn't a big fan at first, but I've been converted with their newest album. Not to say that their debut album wasn't good, I just didn't click with it as well as I have with this one. They've definitely helped me power through some study sessions this semester and I've had moments where I've had to really stop myself from dancing on campus to them because they're just that catchy.
Listen to: Salute, About the Boy, Mr Loverboy, Competition 

Honorable Mentions/Randoms
    This section is dedicated to those random songs/artists that have caught my attention, but I haven't necessarily been listening to their whole discography as with the one's above. Not a Bad Thing - Justin Timberlake, Loyal - Chris Brown, Trophies - Young Money, Stoner Girl - MOD Sun/Pat Brown, Love Is Overrated - Shwayze. There's a few other's on the playlist as well that I haven't gone over, but these are just the stand outs for me.

What's music have you been loving lately?



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