On Repeat #49

Goddess - Iggy Azalea
     I've been curious about Iggy since gifs of her Fancy video started going around, but put listening to her on the back burner for a while. Her album was recently released on Spotify so I decided to give it a try and I haven't really stopped playing it since. She's definitely an acquired taste as her style is different from most things out today. There's still a few songs that I'm not so hot on, but a majority of her album is a good "go out and kick today's ass" kind of vibe.

West Coast - Lana Del Rey
     This past month or so I've unfortunately been pretty uninspired musically. Nothing has really caught my interest. After having a rummage through Spotify I found Lana's new single and it seems there is a light at the end of the tunnel. "West Coast" upholds her typical laid back vibe and solid lyricism. I'm definitely a fan of the instrumentals in this track as well. This has rekindled my love for her older work, especially "Body Electric" and "Gods & Monsters"I can't find a reliable date for the release of her next album Ultraviolence, but I'm fo sho keeping an eye out.

Summer - Calvin Harris
     I think I've found a serious summer anthem.... this has the catchy, drive with the windows down feel that I desire so much during the summer. Things are finally starting to grind up for finals and I need all the positive party vibes I can get to push through them. My only issue with this song is the music video. What is happening? I still don't know. There's no real plot and it doesn't even remind me that much of summer. Fail, Calvin Harris. But thank you for producing another song I can blare in my car.


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