Event Prep: The Rundown

     Now, I'm going to be upfront: I very rarely have an actual event to attend. Getting into bed every night and deciding what movie to watch is usually enough of an occasion for me.  Events unfortunately call for a little bit of extra effort. Seeing as I do have a family wedding next weekend, I'll divulge my routine.

     If you'd like an expert opinion on facial masks, let me first direct you to my makeup Messiah Lisa Eldridge. If you'd like a mere mortal's thoughts, read on. I tend to focus on two key issues before an event: breakouts and dullness. Blemishes can put a wrench in proving to all of your family and friends that you are in fact, flawless. Hairflip. So to make sure I'm in the clear, I start upping the use of a clay based mask about a week prior to the event. My favorite is the Formula 10.0.6 Deep Down Detox Ultra Cleansing Mud Mask. It's chalk full of lovely spot-fighting ingredients such and kaolin and bentonite clay, bergamont, and orange. I find that this clarifies my skin and calms any blemishes, and leaves me looking quite even and clear overall. As a bonus it is not dehydrating as clays often can be. I stop use three or so days before the actual occasion, as to not invite anything to surface last minute. Typically I fight what remains with a spot treatment such as tea tree oil.
     To remedy dullness, exfoliating masks are a must. I recently added the Nuance Wild Lime Exfoliating Facial Gel to my collection. This is from Salma Hayek's skincare line to which I was completely ignorant. You can find it in CVS if you're interested. This particular product boasts enzymatic exfoliators with no granular particles. Not only does this improve texture and luminosity, but it also avoids the spread of bacteria and thus blemishes.

     I find my skin undoubtedly looks its healthiest when well hydrated and moisturized. I make sure to use my Seventh Generation Boost every night, massaging it directly in to damp skin. I also increase my water intake in the week leading up to my event, to help flush the system and give skin an all over glow. I also take special care to moisturize my body, I like this Dove offering. If you're showing a little more skin that usual, tending to your body skin is crucial. It's pretty unsexy to speak about bodily breakouts, but they do happen. I'll be wearing a backless romper (and p.s. the bra situation seems perilous at the moment. Sigh.) After the shower I apply a mixture of a simple, fragrance-free moisturizer and tea tree oil to allay bacteria and breakouts.
    Day of, there's not much left to do to get things in order. I do *try* to cut down on carbs or salty food to decrease bloating. A pain, but it will help. I also go in for a slightly heavier duty facial exfoliant, such as the Kate Somerville Exfolikate. Doing so will impart some serious glow and ensure the skin is fully prepped for makeup. I'll also exfoliate my lips, quite conveniently with the e.l.f Lip Exfoliator. It is shaped like a lipstick bullet, and will prep the lips for a bright color if you opt for one. Brilliant. As if I hadn't exfoliated enough, I'll also use a body scrub to keep thangs soft. Would highly recommend the Soap & Glory Flake Away.

Alright everyone, that'll do it for me. What do you do in preparation for an event?



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