On Repeat #42

Killer Queen- Queen
     I'm not sure what brought this on, but I have been obsessed with this song as of late. It's safe to say that everyone loves Queen, and if you don't, you're wrong. "Killer Queen" is just quirky and upbeat. This song is perfect on the drive to work to start my day. I'm not sure what it is but I've been obsessed with Queen and ZZ Top moreso than usual. That being said, Spotify radio seems to think that the Foo Fighters fit in with those two. If you figure that out, let me know.

Crazy Town - Jason Aldean
   A combination of my two favorite categories: throwbacks and country. I somehow had completely forgotten about this song until I heard it on satellite radio the other day (which is a fantastic investment btw, I highly recommend it if you can get it) and only then did I realize that it wasn't on my country playlist. 500 songs, and this wasn't here. SMH. Continuing on, this song is just too catchy and plus we all know my desperate need to move to Nashville ASAP, so for now I've settled on listening to this song an obnoxious amount of times.

II. WORLDSTAR - Childish Gambino
     It's been awhile since I've posted about rap, so it's beyond time I start again. Somehow I've managed to neglect because the internet in my queue, and ohhh what a mistake that was. I still need to properly (read: obsessively) listen to it but for now I can't stop jamming to this track. Gambino subtly references The Little Mermaid so you know it's a winner. This has made a week of hellish school and work marginally less painful.


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