On Repeat #44

IV. Sweatpants - Childish Gambino
    Let me start this off by saying that it took everything in me not to post a song from Nashville this week.  I won't say which one in case I save it for a later pick. Continuing on to relevant news: how come no one told me I was sleeping on this album? It's been in my Spotify for months and I never quite got around to it. II. WORLDSTAR really got me started on this album, thanks to none other than our very own Rachel. Thus I finally gave it a proper listen and have pretty much listened to nothing else. Also now properly regretting him when he was in Kansas City. Apparently the music gods hate me.

If I Could Change Your Mind- Haim
     For some reason, I had convinced myself long ago that I severely disliked Haim. Boy was I wrong. I'm not sure I've listened to anything else the past two weeks. Any of the songs are a complete viable option, but "If I Could Change Your Mind," was probably the first Haim song to be belted out in my car. I want this to be in all caps but I'll refrain, but I am so livid that I thought I disliked them and I missed them when they were in Lawrence because I was being fucking dumbbb. That being said, you should still watch the video because it is one of my favorites of all time. Plus their style is amazing. Gahhh.

Teen Lovers - The Virgins
     This week is another selection brought to my attention via Spotify (P.S. - Tessa so kindly pointed out that Premium is now 50% off for students). I've actually not listened to much music in the past week, I've been much more into Audible. However, this has been all up in my speakers whilst I've strayed from a book. It's catchy, which is always a plus. And they were signed to Julian Casablancas' record label. Unfortunately (according to Wikipedia) they just split up this past November. Sad. Anyhow, this is definitely my favorite of their namesake album. I'd also recommend you check out Fernando Pando. 


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