Just A Sampling

     First off, apologies for the late post today everyone! It's been one of those days where I barely venture out of bed, because I have priorities (Sherlock and a smattering of other programs). Anywho, the past couple of months I've accumulated a few samples of products so I figured I'd share my initial thoughts.

     I believe I mentioned this on my skincare wishlist back in January, and I picked up a sample soon after. I was quite drawn to the idea of an eye cream with sun protection. Dedicated SPFs can tend to be a little too heavy for under the eyes so this is a nice alternative. The girl who fixed my sample at Sephora gave me a very generous amount, so I still haven't been forced to purchase the full size. However once it does run out I'll definitely be off to pick it up. This is hydrating enough for this horrendous cold we're experiencing, but is in no way greasy. In fact, it has almost a priming texture that makes applying makeup over top a breeze. No doubt the sun protection will be much appreciated once it does warm up as well.

    This product has pretty much reached cult status, so when Sephora offered it as a 100 point perk a while back I sprung at the chance to try it. Though my skin is typically normal I do experience the odd breakout. During these times I always turn to masks such as this to draw out impurities and keep things in check. After using this a few times, I'd have to say I think I'm underwhelmed. It does seem to calm any blemishes slightly - but I have products I prefer. Something slightly more clay based seems to work better for the type of spots I have to deal with. I will definitely use up the tube, so my opinion may change, but for now I'm sticking to some other tried & true options.

     Surprise! Another skincare sample. Again, this was a part of a 500 point perk back in November or December. While the kit included Somerville's Daily Detox Cleanser and Oil Free Moisturizer, this is easily my favorite of the bunch. Usually I steer clear of manual exfoliants as I find they can be much too harsh for my skin. However sometimes I just *need* their help. Plus, this product also boasts chemical exfoliating ingredients. My skin has been ridiculously dry, and this always manages to lift it and impart some glow. The texture of my skin post application is much improved and seems more willing to gain moisture. The product comes out an odd green color, and smelling vaguely of cinnamon. It's an invigorating treatment, and one I would seriously consider repurchasing come next year's cold weather.

That's all for me folks!



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