Tuesday Talk | Stress Relief

     Oh, the Ides of March are upon us and with them arrives midterms. So it's only natural that we here at FBG are more frantic than usual. During all our scrambling to finish papers and complete exams, there is a much needed time for a break. Be it music, food, or what have you - this is how we wind down when life just needs to not (insert sassy talk to the hand emoji).

April Come She Will - Simon & Garfunkel
     I know you get a large enough dose of my music taste via On Repeat, but I couldn't not mention this. It is possibly the most cliche choice ever for laid back music, but whatever. Any time life, school, or functioning in general gets old, I tend to pop on my noise cancelling headphones (lifesaving) and have a listen. It's quite a short song, so an easy way to take a quick break from studying. Not to mention it made an appearance in Parks & Rec and I CANNOT resist an Andy/April reference.
Well I'm going to join every college student ever here and pick Netflix. It's easily my favorite distraction from life on a regular basis (and biggest procrastination tool - because I just HAVE to fit in one more episode before I start homework). Anyway, lately I've been hooked on the Once Upon a Time series, which I'm approximately 5,000 years behind on, but whatever. I saw a preview that they were tying Wicked in this season and thus made it my mission to catch up. Another favorite go-to, especially when I'm studying, is any Disney movie. I've seen them all so many times that I don't have to actually pay attention to it, but it's nice background noise and I enjoy my fair share of sing-a-longs.

The Princess Bride
I know I just talked about this movie in February, but I mean, it's The Princess Bride. This movie (along with Pride & Prejudice) have been so engrained in my memory that I don't need to fully pay attention to know exactly what part of the movie is on. That being said, this movie is great to have on as background noise or just to take a break. By break I mean once you start watching a movie, you're probably not going back to studying, so good luck.


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