This Week's Favorites #2

To wrap up this week, I thought I would share some products that I've been loving this week. I was practically dying of a sinus infection and bronchitis since last Saturday. I finally went to the doctor and am now on three different medications and I have Tylenol with codeine (party in the USA, wuuttt). I kid, I kid, that shit is nasty. Anywho, on to the post...

Revlon | Nearly Naked in 120 Vanilla
     This has been a godsend this week. I haven't felt like my skin has taken to foundation very well since I was sick. Nearly Naked probably worked the best, it won over my BB Cream. It was the perfect amount of coverage and was buildable where my nose was super red. I noticed it also gave my skin a healthy looking glow, my skin wasn't dewy by any means, but it actually looked healthy. So, go you, Revlon.

ELF | Candid Coral
     I talked about this in my most recent video (which was awhile ago, I know). I bought this because I will never get over coral. It was a nice alternative to all of the pink blushes that are in my drawer. This has been nice with the warmer weather we have been having lately. I had kind of neglected it because I had been using my Naked 3 so I had been using rosier blushes. That being said, I kind of catered my makeup this week so I could use Candid Coral.

Naked 1 Palette
     Since I purchased Naked 3 and my Lorac Pro Palette, I have completely neglected my Naked 1 Palette. My makeup this week was super simple and Naked 1 was the perfect thing for it. I typically just used virgin on my brow bone, sin or buck on my lid, and toasted on my crease.

ELF | Volume Plumping Mascara
     I'm not sure if I'm allergic to my Revlon mascaras or if they are just reaching their 4 month mark, but they have been really irritating my eyes lately. My eyes were really watery this week and so I found this mascara and thought I would give it a go. I don't own any waterproof mascaras, so if anything, I thought if my eyes water and this mascara runs off, I would rather it be a cheaper mascara. I was pleasantly surprised at how well this stayed on and it gave just enough definition for my work makeup.

Chapstick | Hydration Lock
     I got this in a Birchbox awhile back, probably December? I had already used the tube I was given and am almost through a second. This stuff is amazing. I don't feel like it stays on/ hydrates for the whole 8 hours as advertised, but oh man, this stuff is good. I find myself going to this over my Burts Bees, and I feel like I have never appreciated it more than this week. 


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