On Repeat #21

      Okay, so we should have all been aware that Lorde's first full length album, Pure Heroine, came out this week. I know I was distracted listening to Roaring 20's, but thanks to Rachel, I was quickly reminded. I wasn't hooked at first, probably because I couldn't budge from "Team."However, listening to the album after I watched Cook's final episode of Skins has slapped me in the face. The entire album is perfect. "Ribs" and "Buzzcut Season" have also been on repeat all night. It's honestly so hard to choose one song. It's perfection. She's perfection. Whatever.

San Francisco - The Mowgli's
     So, if I'm going to be honest, I haven't really broken myself away from Lorde's or HAIM's albums since they released at the end of the month, exceptions being when I'm at work or sleeping. And clearly Tori beat me to the punch on Lorde, and I didn't want to post the same artists two weeks in a row and bore you with my girl crushes on HAIM. Anyway, The Mowgli's aren't my usual style of music, but this was too catchy to resist. The band resides in California, but after doing a little bit of research I found out that the singer is from Kansas City, how awesome is that? Okay, it's really only awesome if you're from there as well but I definitely am more interested in checking into more of their music now.

Metal & Dust – London Grammar
I have 8tracks to thank for this week’s selection. I’ve heard this trio’s name pop up a few times, but never actually had a listen. Obviously I’m glad I finally did. “Metal & Dust” is easily my favorite track off If You Wait but Hannah Reid’s voice is 10/10 all around. I love the group’s vocal focus and the almost eerie sound of their album. Hopefully I can listen to it closer once I’ve exhausted Lorde and Rizzle Kicks’ new offerings (much like Tori I’ve been unhealthily obsessed with both). Still, would absolutely recommend you check out these dudez.


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