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Oh mascara. In the rush to look put together mascara and lipstick will always do the trick. Mascara formulas and brushes are all completely different...which is why I have about eight of them. However, instead of giving an inventory on my chosen products I'll just go ahead and share three of my favorites. They're noteworthy, okaii?

Revlon Photo Ready 3D Mascara is one that I've been using for awhile. It never fails to disappoint me. I typically grab this mascara for day-to-day use because it isn't super dramatic but it still has enough definition. The brush is really nice because I never notice the formula clumping on the brush. I've always been a massive fan of Revlon and own another one of their mascaras but I would say that their Photo Ready line is by far my favorite.

It's So Big Volumizing Mascara was a little gem I got in my ipsy bag last month. At first I was a bit concerned because I didn't think the formula would dry nicely on my lashes but I actually really enjoy the formula because it doesn't feel heavy. The brush is amazing. The hourglass shape of the brush makes the ends of my lashes fan out and gives the effect of having fake lashes. This is something I will definitely be purchasing.

They're Real! Mascara from Benefit is just beyond. I believe I have mentioned it before. I got the mini one from my Sephora birthday gift but it does retail for $10 and the full size for $23. I think the brush is really interesting. It allows you to get full coverage of the lashes. The bristles at the end allow for the smaller lashes in the corner to be coated. The formula is really nice because I don't really ever have the problem of the mascara smudging on my eyelid and messing up my eyeshadow.

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