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Hello lovlies! I thought I would just quickly share what makeup I've been wearing. I don't think it's actually changed in a week. I'm tired, muscle memory takes over, leading to wearing the exact same makeup every day. Anywhooo, here it is y'all.

On the Face:
I know Rachel showed the YSL Le Tient Touche Elat foundation in her video, but seriously...this stuff is amazing. It goes on smoothly and smells slightly like cucumbers. Right now I only have the sample but I'm more than likely buying the real deal this Friday (yay pay day!). After I put this foundation on I touch up under my eyes with the  Benefit Fake Up Concealer. I don't know what it is, but either the Benefit products don't like me or I have no clue. But I'm not actually impressed with the concealer or primer. But whatever, they probs just won't be repurchased. I really do like how moisturizing the concealer is, I just feel like it makes my dark circles look a tad worse. Anyway, I used the little bottle of NARS Illuminator in Orgasm. I got this little bottle as a part of my gift for my Beauty Insider card with Sephora. I love it. I typically use this like I would a highlighter. I then use the GloMinerals Sheer Tint Base as a contour. My mom got this foundation and didn't care for it. Of course it would be too dark for all over, but I think this works well sort of as a bronzer to contour the face. After I finish doing everything (face and eyes) I go back over with a bit of the elf High Definition Powder (which I can't seem to find online anywhere? I know I got it at Target).

On the Eyes:
First off, the Gimme Brow from Benefit is by far the only Benefit product that has amazed me. This makes my routine so much easier in the mornings. Gimme Brow better be around forever because I don't ever want to have to replace it. It's that amazing. I know it's not pictured, but I use Urban Decay's Eyeshadow Primer Potion that came with my Black palette. Next I use "sin" from the Naked palette and apply that all over the lid. The next step is optional. I smudge some black kohl liner on my lash line and then blend that out with "hustle" from the Naked palette. Apply "smog" to the crease and under the lower lash line and that's pretty much it. I *sometimes* curl my lashes when I'm feeling fancy and  I've really been into the Revlon PhotoReady 3D Mascara. It isn't too dramatic for the day but it gives just enough definition. I've only recently started to apply the  NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk on my waterline. It's easy enough and makes my eyes pop.

Not extravagant but just enough to make me look slightly put together during my work day.

See ya l8r duddezzz.


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