On Repeat #22


This World- Selah Sue
     I've had a girl crush on Selah ever since Rachel and I saw her perform in Denver a year ago (take me back plzzz). I absolutely love her style and for some reason my obsession with her has made a come back this week. Her voice is amazing and let's not start on hair envy. Anyway, Selah and Passenger have definitely been on repeat this week. Maybe the world is telling me to chill out, who knows.

Strange Fruit – Billie Holiday
     Alright, I thought I’d spare you guys another Haim selection this week (ps they were on point live and I need them all to be my best friends kthxbai). Instead I’ve got a bit of a throwback here. I’m sure everyone is familiar with good ol’ Billie, and I’ve gotten into this for the past week or so. Billie’s voice is incredibly interesting, and there’s quite a bit of history to the song. Apparently, it was originally a poem which was then set to music and sang at anti-racism protests way, way back in the day. It’s just slightly more serious than One Direction, but hey. I believe it was also sampled on one of Kanye’s recent tracks so woooooo.

Battle Born Album - The Killers
   It is absolutely impossible for me to pick one song of this album. I think the only one I'm not a huge fan of is Heart of a Girl, because the rest are incredible. I had this album on repeat last January for about three months and my roommate became completely obsessed as well. I've never considered The Killers a favorite band until I got this CD (Yes, I actually bought the physical CD. That's how amazing it is.) and now I love them. This album will always have a special place in my heart though. 
Notable tracks: Here With Me, Be Still, Miss Atomic Bomb, The Way it Was

Around the Block - Pretty Lights
As much as I desperately want to post a HAIM song, I shall resist (which BTW they are flawless & if you ever get the chance to see them live do it. Rachel & I had the honor of being a foot away from Alana last night). Pretty Lights has been on my radar since "Finally Moving" came out, but I've been getting more into him recently. And his cats are bomb (@kitty_lights on insta). Don't ask. Anyway, this song is A+ 10/10. This may be my favorite song from him ever, so you should defs check it outttt. Desperately wished I could've been in two places at once last night and seen him as well, but alas, HAIM won that battle & I don't regret it. Especially since my co-worker Kyle went and I know I'll get to hear all about it. 


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