Review | Hard Candy Blush Crush Baked Blush

     With most everyone after a luminous, radiant complexion highlighters seem to have become a staple in most people's kits. I'm definitely in the cream/liquid camp in terms of preference. Be it eye shadow, blush, or base I find that a creamier consistency gives a nicer finish and is easier to work with. Yet this Hard Candy Blush Crush Baked Blush (an unnecessary mouthful, in my opinion) in Honeymoon has altered my mindset slightly.

     Though marketed as a blush, I find this to be much more suitable as a highlight. Granted I do have a skin tone comparable to Casper. Still, the pale peachy tone and the strong iridescence lend themselves to it. The lavender marbled through the blush also makes this a great shade for you cool undertoned ladies out there (like moi). Sadly I fear that anyone with a warmer complexion may end up looking a wee bit ashy and should opt for something more gold-based. Plus, unless you have flawless skin with a complete absence of pores, I would steer clear of the apples of the cheeks if you wish to avoid accentuated pores. So as a blush, I find it a little useless.

     That's the end of the con list my friends. Utilized to achieve said glowing skin, I can rely on this. I sometimes find that baked powders can be just that - a bit powdery and/or chalky. However, this is fairly soft and not messy in the slightest. Applied to the tops of my cheekbones, the bridge of my nose, and my cupid's bow it creates a subtle shine that could never come off as glittery.

     As opposed to a cream highlight, this powder boasts a solid lasting power. It is so finely milled that the powder formula doesn't irk me at all. There is a fair amount of product in the compact, and it is definitely affordable at only $7. Especially since I find it quite difficult to find a good highlighter in the drugstore. There are a few other shades in this range which all seem to have a strong sheen, so have a gander and see if there's a shade to suit you.

Au revoir!



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