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Obviously I've noticed a sharp decrease in the amount of products I've used since cutting my hair. Nonetheless, I love these products whether my hair is short or long. I have dry hair, so anything to help with that is just super. Especially when it's long because my hair is naturally curly/wavy so combating frizz was a major issue.

Anywho, I'll be showcasing two drugstore favorites of mine. The Shea Butter Leave-in Conditioning Repair Cream and Aussie 3 minute miracle.

When I had longer hair, I started to venture into the ethnic hair care. Especially when I had long hair I felt like those products helped me a lot more. So I found this Shea Butter Leave-in Conditioner there and I have been enjoying the same tub of it for months. It doesn't have as strong of a fragrance as the Palmer's Coconut Milk conditioner but it's still smells nice. I found if I put it in my hair when it was damp it did a really nice job of making my hair a little less of a birds nest. Now that my hair is shorter, I use this almost as a gel. I have to comb through it so it doesn't leave my hair crispy when it dries.

Aussie's 3 minute miracle was recommended to me by Tessa one day at Target. I loved it from the first use. It's really nice because I don't use shampoo on my hair everyday so I just leave this in for the entirety of my shower. I find that I use it the day after I use my toning shampoo and conditioner. It has a really nice scent and really is a three minute miracle.

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