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      While I am quite the fan of a bright lip, some more muted options have been making their way on to muh lips recently. However, I find them a little difficult to tackle. Brighter hues are usually never an issue for me – but oh man nude lips can go oh so wrong. If you weren’t aware, I am actually a ghost. Anything that erases the color from my face (foundation, lipstick, etc) has a tendency to transform me into a corpse. Not exactly the look I’m going for - though I do feel pretty dead sometimes (I’m looking at you Mondays). For this reason nude lips require more effort. The undertone, opacity, and shade all have to be spot on or I look like I could be cast in a horror film. Fortunately, I’ve found a few options that have worked for me, so I hope these offerings can be of assistance in your quest for the best naked lip as well.

     p.s. try to keep in mind that a nude lip is very dependent on skin tone, coloring, and preference so not all of these options will be universally flattering but some are adaptable to suit your complexion!

     I know, I know. This is a bit of a beauty taboo. Concealer lips drain all life from the face and sometimes look downright freaky. I promise – this is completely wearable. I picked up this tip after watching Tanya Burr’s Eleanor Calder tutorial, and have quite enjoyed wearing it. I prefer to use a light reflective concealer pen lightly swept over a thicker lip balm. At the moment, my combo includes Clinique Airbrush Concealer + eos balm. Make sure your lips are well exfoliated and moisturized, because concealer can accentuate any imperfections in texture. Avoid anything too thick or opaque, as they will look overdone and cakey. Still, using your concealer ensures that the undertone and shade already suit your complexion, you double up utility of a product, and it’s applicable to all skin tones. Not the longest lasting of options yet still pays off a nice look. 

Maybelline Color Whisperer | 10 Bare to Be Bold
     If you’re a bit hesitant of a getting nekked with your lip color, this would be a great place to start. Slightly sheer and pink toned, it won’t be a full on nude mouth. Allowing the natural pigment of your lip to show through will give a muted effect without crossing the line into concealer lips. Bonus: since it’s a tinted balm it will be low maintenance and won’t dry the shit out of your lips. 

L’Oreal Colour Riche leGloss | 151 Baby Blossom 
     Again, if you’re nude-shy this may be for you. I’m not one for lip gloss. Seriously. This is the only one I own. I picked it up after realizing it was a spot-on dupe for Revlon’s gloss in Bellini, scent and everything. Though I don’t have much to compare it to, it’s not overly sticky or glossy. The peach tint of the gloss will take away some of the pigment of your lips but won’t look too far from natural. Another low maintenance lip for lazy days. 

Rimmel London Moisture Renew Lipstick | 644 Let’s Get Naked
The cheeky name and smooth formulation of this baby have led me to love it. The creamier texture avoids any flaky lip faux pas (wow go me I’m an A+ writer…) but still delivers on opacity. The shade is a true peachy-pink, which is the default description when a color really can’t be pinpointed. But fo realz, it’s a peach toned pink. It won’t be draining on most skin tones since the pink gives it a very subtle pop. I particularly like this for days when I wear darker eye shadow to keep everything more natural and effortless (because bronze eye shadow is so natural). Whateva. 

Rimmel London Moisture Renew Lipstick | Nude Delight 
     Lastly is the most nudey-nude I own. My vocab is on point today. Moving on, this is definitely more peach-toned than Let’s Get Naked and thus is more of a classic nude lip. As the name would suggest, it is in fact delightful to wear. The formula works well for me, and the shade plus the slight sheen don’t make me look dead. Bingo. It’s ticked all the boxes. 

I’m going to spare you nice people from any more weird variations on the word “nude”, and I’ll see you next week. Baaaaiiiiii. 



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