On Repeat #24

Cocoa Butter Kisses - Chance the Rapper feat. Vic Mensa & Twista
I apologize for leaving my rap behind for a bit, and also that it took me so long to download this album. And Rachel's brother is fully to blame for this because he wouldn't let us listen to anything else in the car one night. I first heard of Chance on Hoodie Allen's Crew Cuts, and I don't know why I never thought to check out his solo stuff. Whatever. The whole album is really quality, and not exactly standard rap, but that's why I enjoy it so much. This song is just A+ all around though, and easily my favorite on the album, at least for now. The album is available for free download on his website, because I guess Chance just gets the fact that we all want free music. So check it outtt.

Tourist - Julian Casablancas
     Let me just reveal, this was my shit in high school. I had a beautiful, kickass musical epiphany when I first listened to The Strokes. The same went for Julian's solo album. Tourist's instrumental + lyrics + vocals make it an all around winner. The entirety of Phrazes for the Young has actually been on repeat for a couple weeks. Honorable mention to "11th Dimension" & "Left and Right in the Dark". Also "Boombox" by Lonely Island feat. Julian Casablancas. That's important.

Nuclear Seasons- Charli XCX
     I hadn't listened to her in awhile and Tessa posted about her on Facebook a couple weeks back and my obsession came spiraling back to me. I first started listening to her because of Marina and the Diamonds and fell in love. It's not really my typical music taste but I suppose we all need something different once in awhile, right? "Nuclear Seasons" is by far my favorite on the album but "Take my Hand," and "Grins" are probably tied for second favorite. 


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