Review | Michael Marcus Cosmetics Nail Polish in Lust

Here you are: a post up on time from me. Expect another one this Saturday and then another in a week! I'm trying to get back on track. Today I'm reviewing Michael Marcus Nail Polish in Lust. I have another nail polish from this brand as well, in Relaxing by the Pool. I received both in separate Wantable boxes, the one I'm reviewing you can view in a previous post in Five Broke Girls on the October Wantable box or on our YouTube channel!

Lust is a very light nude pink. In the bottle it's an almost cream color with just a twinge of pink, although it appears slightly more pink when on the nails. The application itself was extremely easy and I really liked the brush on it, more than most other nail polishes. However, once on the nails, it was difficult to get an opaque color unlike nudes from other brands. I applied four coats and it was still a little uneven and definitely not completely opaque! Frustrating, because I really do like the color. Unfortunately, I don't think I'll be using this polish very often except as a base underneath other lighter polishes. I love the design of the bottle though!

This doesn't mean I completely disregard the entire brand, though. I love the bright blue I received over the summer and it was definitely more opaque and the application was still great.

UPDATE: Two days later, the polish was already chipping. I think this was most likely due to the number of applications (4, and then a top coat). Just be careful which color you purchase - it seems that the lighter ones may not be worth your money.

These retail for $15 at

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