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Monday afternoon. It's the schlump of the day on the schlumpiest of days. Those are both words now, by the way. Today I'm going to discuss a few sites that I browse when I'm procrastinating homework. They are part of this new trend to have designer or higher-end products on sale for brief amounts of time (weeks, days, hours) and shopping addicts like myself can pick up some great quality stuff for pretty cheap. So far, I haven't purchased anything from these sites but have heard rave reviews.

Let's start with my favorite!

Miss Glamorazzi on YouTube has talked about DailyLook so many times now I'd be surprised if anyone hasn't heard of this website. The way this site works is that they have new items on sale every day, usually incorporating all the sale items in four outfits or so every day. They send out emails daily with the new looks (get it, dailylook? ha, funny). I have wanted to order stuff from here so many times and just haven't gotten around to it. I will definitely keep you posted.

These are all very similar in their concept for retail. They provide new sales pretty often but not daily like DailyLook. They also have general concepts behind each sale such as Fall Boots or they're organized by brand such as Vince Camuto Outerwear. In general, they are easy to navigate and provide great options to whittle down what you're looking for so you aren't tempted to spend the $$$ on a pair of $300 boots. You usually have to register to look at these websites but I believe you're able to turn off emails if those bother you. I've found some great deals on these websites, you definitely should check them out!

That's all for me this week!




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