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As mentioned by Rachel, Sephora has their gift sets out and we are all crying with joy. I think I spent more time perusing that section than I did the whole store. I recently went through my makeup and threw out some that I had desperately clung to in hopes they weren't gone. I noticed I was in severe need (not really) of some eyeliner. I had been eyeing the Stila Liquid Liner for a long while now. With four other eyeliners being included, the "Draw the Line" gift box is worth more than I paid for. (In the picture, they are in order as how they are talked about)

I went ahead and swatched these beauties on my hand, but the picture is on an index card. Not that there is much of a difference, it's basically the same color as me.

The Sephora Collection Long Lasting eyeliner is a a liquid eyeliner that has a pretty nice brush. It does have some glitter in it, so wear it when you're feeling fancy. It is only a 12 hr wear eyeliner, so I would definitely set it with some eyeshadow for a longer wear.

Let's talk about the Eyeko Skinny Liquid Liner. I was first introduced to Eyeko thanks to Birchbox and an amazing mascara. This company is for sure quality. This liner is more of a felt tip marker and it is beyond amazing. It's the darkest out of all the liners and one of my favorites.

I'm not one to gravitate toward pencil liners, but you can bet that I love anything Urban Decay. This duo does not disappoint. It comes in a black and a brown. Perfect for smudging and a softer liner look. Another pencil liner included in this set was the Make Up For Ever Aqua Eye Liner. After being disappointed by their shades of foundation (they don't include a ghostly white) I hadn't really tried anything else by them. This pencil was alright but nothing I would spend that amount on.

On to my favorite in the set. The Stila Stay All Day Liquid Liner. This is such a beautiful, well worth it, purchase just for this liner alone. It's not too thick and would be perfect for a solid, crisp cat eye. I can't even explain how beautiful this is. It's a felt tip as well (I'm noticing a trend...) so it makes for an easy application. The next Stila liner in this set was the Smudge Stick Waterproof Liner. This is definitely the lightest of the liners, but it does just what it says. It smudges into a beautiful, smoky, soft line.

Overall, I'm beyond happy with this set. However, if I were to just buy the full size product by itself, I would absolutely be buying the Stila Liquid Liner and the Urban Decay Long Lasting Liner.

What liners do you guys grab first?
xx Tori


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