On Repeat #28

Talk Dirty - Jason Derulo ft. 2 Chainz
At this point we all know 2 Chainz is my guilty pleasure. But this week's pick is fully to blame on Kayley and One Direction (the video I'm linking will make you understand why). Not only did it confirm that I have the same personality and dance skills as a boy band, but the song was just too catchy to get out of my head. It's a very real possibility that I actually did have this on repeat while getting ready yesterday... and driving home from work... and driving Jenny home the other night. Whatever.

Pour It Up - Rihanna
     Undoubtedly you live under a rock if you've never heard this song, but alas, I'm going to post it anyway. A few weeks back Tessa and I had a little Rihanna phase. "Disturbia" was my shit in high school, and I feel exactly the same about this track. It makes me feel like a badass - contrasted to the fangirl I am when I listen to One Direction and Jesse McCartney. But I digress. Seriously, if you haven't yet listened to this you're slacking and I highly suggest you do it asap.

Sex - The 1975
     This band actually came by recommendation of Ingrid, better known as MissGlamorazzi on YouTube. I wasn't sure I would like them at first but I realized I was familiar with another single Chocolate that I considered choosing for this week. Instead, I decided to go with a less popular track to integrate you guys with the rest of the album. In all honesty, I really just love the background in all the tracks... I can't understand what they're saying half the time. This is due to the fact they're from Manchester, England. Just another reason to check 'em out, ladies.

Another Girl- Wild Belle
I'm not positive I haven't used this song for On Repeat before. Regardless, it keeps making its way back into my On Repeat playlist. Like Tessa and Rachel, my music has pretty much been consumed by One Direction. It's not even the entire album, it's basically like four different songs. Anyway, this song is amazing. Her voice is a gorgeous kind of raspy and soulful. I typically listen to this song when I listen to Georgi Kay or Kendra Morris. When I'm on a female vocal kick nothing can help me and Wild Belle certainly does that for me.


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