One Product Four Ways| Black Leggings

For this week's collaboration post, we wanted to give you guys some holiday outfit ideas using one staple piece and showing you how each of us would individually style it. (NOTE: If you guys like this idea please let us know and it might become a regular on the blog. Maybe not styling leggings, but a product we all own, or whatever you guys want to see. Comment, tweet us, whatever your heart desires).

I'm all about comfort, so leggings are always my go-to, and an oversized sweater is a perfect match. Though the one I'm showcasing isn't too oversized, it's just enough to be flattering and still not be too tight after I finish demolishing roughly 3 plates of food (and by food I mostly mean stuffing. It's the best). I paired it up with riding boots: 1. because I'm obsessed with these. 2. because they're comfortable and warm. and 3. because they cover where my leggings awkwardly bunch since I'm so short. I kept accessories to a minimum with just a silver arrow necklace. I'm all about minimalism. (Nail polish: Rumble Cosmetics Wabash & Cannonball duo, Foundation: Covergirl Whipped Creme in Ivory, Bronzer: NYC in Sunny, Eyes: MAC Cranberry, Urban Decay Venus & Crave, Rimmel London Nude eye pencil, Lips: EOS Lip Balm in Blueberry-Acai, Brows: Anastasia Brow Duo in Auburn, Mascara: EM Cosmetics by Michelle Phan Clean Volume Mascara in Black. Boots: Sperry Topsider Sable in Grey, Sweater: American Eagle, Leggings: American Eagle, Necklace: American Eagle).

      In terms of Thanksgiving, I don’t think there’s a more suitable choice of bottoms than leggings. Anything else would just be too -restrictive, yeah? Thus far the black full-length leggings from Gap Outlet have been my best find. Thick enough to avoid the less than flattering see-thru bum and a nice width on the waistband. Would highly recommend.  Since it’s going to be a wee bit brisk outside I’m also opting for a gigantic turtleneck sweater. I have been all about this cream offering from Gap recently. Just as an extra layer, I popped on a grey t-shirt underneath, this particular one is from H&M. My family gatherings are fairly laid back, so this is an ideal ensemble. Accessories, as always, are kept to a minimum with my silver Casio watch. My brown Chelsea boots from H&M (scooooore) add just a touch of class. However, if you’d like to look slightly more put together a pair of heeled ankle boots would work nicely as well. For me, comfort is the name of the game so I much prefer a flat shoe. Add some grey cozy socks and boom. Thanksgiving outfit (quickly) sorted. 

     Well hello again. I have been running around like a chicken with my head cut off between flying back early, scrambling to get some last-minute assignments completed, and preparing for the feast to end all feats, Thanksgiving. Now tomorrow is a special Thanksgiving because I'll be splitting my time between my family and Boyfriend's... i.e. time for some marathon eating. I started with leggings (to no one's surprise) and topped it off with a beautiful olive sweater from F21. Unfortunately, it's hard to tell how pretty the color is in this picture. I threw on a leather vest for some visual interest as well as my burgundy socks because why not. I'd toss on my black Steve Madden combat boots to complete the outfit. Keeping my makeup simple but festive, I did a basic eye and some pinky-red lipstick to brighten up my face. I hope you guys have a great Thanksgiving!


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