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     Hola everybody, so since Kayley is posting bi-weekly now the rest of us will be quickly chiming in on her off weeks! We haven't locked down a topic that we'll stick to, so expect us to be mixing it up just a lil' bit. We're kickstarting things with our current favorite YouTubers/bloggers - check these fantastic people out!

Selina Christoforou
     I've been subscribed to her for a while, but lately I've loved her videos (I think I've now watched all of them - whoops). Another Brit, what a surprise. She has impeccable taste and has tempted me to make an exorbitant purchase on more than a few occasions. Her buys aren't the most budget friendly, but I like to pretend I'm living vicariously through her. Maybe she can inspire a treat yo'self purchase? Or possibly a luxe gift with the holidays quickly approaching? Either way, head on over and have a gander.

Patricia Bright
This lovely lady was introduced to me through BuzzFeed a while ago when they did a Top 20 Female YouTubers post. I honestly think she was the only one on the list that I've fallen in love with. Her hauls are always 10000% on point and she's even inspired a few purchases/wishlist items (namely a floral blazer.. Who knew I needed one?). She also does occassional chatty vids she calls "Motivational Moments" which are A+ as well and I find them to be useful and also kind of uplifting. They're the only chatty videos I really like, if we're going to be honest. So I highly recommend her.

Clothes Encounters 
    Okay, I've only recently stumbled upon her but holy shit am I happy I did. I mean, who doesn't love a good play on words.She tends to have a high energy for her videos which I didn't think I would massively enjoy but her videos are so conversational and amazing. She does awesome Lookbook videos, she never sticks to a certain style and I love that, because sometimes my style is a bit, err..very random. Her favorites aren't specifically beauty or nonbeauty which I love. She just meshes everything so well and yea, I'm a massive fan. Another positive note, she has such a dope taste in music.

Vivianna Does Makeup
     Recently, I haven't had time to watch many YouTube videos... so that leaves me with gobbling down blog posts to get my beauty binging for the week in between listening to organismal biology lectures. My life is really exciting. So basically, I love Anna, the Brit behind this blog with the most beautiful layout I've laid eyes on. She's witty and makes fun of herself. However, as strange as it may be, I'm not a huge fan of her YouTube videos.. I think it's something in her accent. Or the way she talks. It just bothers me. I do endorse the content of her videos and posts though, so check her out!

That's 4/5 Broke Girls signing out. If you have any suggestions please comment below, we're always open to watching or reading new things!


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