Review | Tarte Thoughtful Treasures

  Barely November, and retailers have  already begun the onslaught of Christmas merchandise. Not that I'm complaining, because this means a few things:
1. I can start listening to the JB Christmas album scarily soon.
2. Food.
3.  Makeup value gift sets.   

     On a recent  trip to Ulta, I got my mittens on a trio that housed some of Tarte's best sellers. As of late the brand has seemed unusually alluring so doling out 20 bucks for some makeup minis seemed completely rational. I've never dabbled too much in value sets, but I think I've had a change of Tarte. Riotous laughter.  

     It's no secret that these blushes have earned high acclaim. Prior to this set, I  happily purchased a full size of in the shade  Natural Beauty. This soft coral hue has the same lovely formula, in adorable tiny  packaging. This would be ideal for travel or an on-the-go face. It adds just enough color and shimmer to  the cheeks to be a practical, everyday blush. Plus, it's limited edition. Just justifying my own purchases here, don't mind me.  

     Loads of brands have put out a similar seIf-adjusting lip product *cough, cough Dior*. It's an easy lip that does actually perk up the complexion. I'm skeptical about how "custom" the cool-toned bright pink shade truly is, though it's nice regardless.  I'd say the formula is akin to the Revlon balm stains right down to the minty aroma. Unfortunately, it also has the tendency to  slightly dry out the lips. As a trial size, I think it's completely worth it.  It's a long-lasting, low maintenance lip. l won't purchase the pricey full size but this has lived in my handbag lately.  

     I was pleased to see a set that provided both cosmetics & skincare. Tarte puts this elusive Maracuja oil into a few of their products, though this comes in pure form and packaged in a charming little glass bottle. My preferred use is as a supplement to my nightly moisturizer (just a few drops mixed in). My Seventh Generation Boost (review hurr) still reigns supreme but this does the job. Again, the $46 full size won't be meandering into my collection though.  
 l've been quite pleased with my first foray into mini sets - what about you dudes? Any luck? Intrigued? Let us know below! Enjoy your  Sunday &  be sure to waste that extra DST hour slumming and watching Netflix. Peaaaace.


  1. I love that color of that blush. I'm thinking a trip to Ulta is needed soon.
    My wallet says otherwise.

    › xo fal •

    1. Unfortunately, I always think a trip to Ulta is needed haha. Regardless of how my wallet protests.