5 Under 5.

    As we’ve reiterated various times – we here at Five Broke Girls are a little strapped for cash. Though I still desperately wish I’d been a trust fund baby, I’ve had to face the harsh reality of my empty bank account. So, I drown my sorrows in these five products that all fall below the $5 line. Enjoy!

Johnson’s Vanilla Oatmeal Baby Wash ($4.99)
    Okay, yes. I have a product designed for babies on here. Whatever. I actually have tried quite a few Johnson’s baby products (I love the Baby Bedtime Lotion). If you have sensitive skin or just don’t like heavily perfumed bath products, this may be for you. Admittedly, the aforementioned lotion is pretty strongly scented. The body washes are much milder. I believe there are five or six scents to choose from – I recommend the Honey Apple as well. They leave you feeling clean and never stripped or dry. My skin is also noticeably softer after use. Now that I’m done rattling on like a commercial, these really are a great value. They are basically a jug of body wash at 28 ounces, still only half the price of a Bath & Body Works shower gel. Plus they can double up as a bubble bath if you’re into that. So be a creep like me and go shop in the baby aisle of your local drugstore.

Essence Stay All Day 16 hour Concealer; 20 Soft Beige ($1.79)
     I picked this lil’ gem up on a recent trip to UltaEssence is clearly a budget brand, but I’d never heard anything about them or ventured to check out their line. I even happened to score my bits on sale! Woohoooo. Anyhow, this is kind of a box-standard concealer and actually reminds me quite a bit of the Revlon Colorstay version I’ve been using. Just subtract $6 from the equation and you’ve got Essence-ially (HILARIOUS) the same product. In fact, I think I prefer the Essence concealer. It does stay all day on my skin – maybe not 16 hours but it does the job. I’ve had no issues with caking or creasing whatsoever. It even doubled up and worked well under my eyes. Anything that can multitask gets a gold star from me. There were only two shades though, and I picked up the darker of the two. Needless to say if you are anything past pasty, this product will not work for you (unless of course there are other shades available). 

Wet n’ Wild Color Icon Eyeshadow Trio; Silent Treatment ($2.99)
     Yet again, a product that’s been well raved about. These trios are a great value, even on par with e.l.f. The shadows are god damn SOFT. I particularly like this combo of shades as well. The soft pink is nice for when you want a subtle wash of color over the whole lid, or as the packaging suggests, a highlight. I don’t get much use of the glitter shade, but if anything I think it would be nice used as a liner. The bottom shade I absolutely luuuurrrv. It has an understated iridescence and is a wearable greyish hue that gives a slight smokiness. I would have paid $3 just for this shadow alone. Aside from this palette, there are some others I have my eye on – and you all should as well!

e.l.f Powder Blush; Peachy Keen ($3)
     These blushes have also garnered a good deal of attention and rightfully so. They’re definitely affordable and there are plenty of flattering shades. This particular blush gives my skin a subtle golden glow/warmth. The texture is smooth, and nicely pigmented. Peachy Keen was an online purchase and I’ve yet to find it in-store. Still, most of the time e.l.f runs great deals on their site so it’s worth keeping an eye on. If you cannot possibly wait or don’t want to deal with ordering online, their other shade Candid Coral will give you a similar warmth (yet is slightly more pink-toned). Even if you don’t love these two, still check out the range because there’s something for everyone.

 NYC Smoothing Skin Bronzing Face Powder; 720A Sunny ($2.99)
    Tessa has already mentioned this product a few times but I’m still going to include it. Until recently I was pretty clueless when it came to bronzer. I always felt like it looked wrong on my face because it’s not like anyone would believe I was actually tan. That being said, I love this now. I’ve (quite poorly) attempted to self tan in the past few weeks and this has brought some congruence to my face and body. It's fairly fool-proof; it would be difficult to go oompa loompa with this product. Plus, it’s matte. Still, as with most lower-end lines, the shade range is extremely limited. As in this is the only shade I've come across. Regardless – if you’re one who’s slightly timid of bronzer this would be a great way to dip your toes in the pond, so to say.

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