On Repeat #6

Head Is Not My Home - MS MR
   I started listening to MS MR after it was Rachel's "On Repeat" choice a couple weeks ago. This full length album, (which came out on my birthday, so it has to be good, doesn't it?), has been playing for awhile now. "Head Is Not My Home" has been a constant play. Listening to this song always makes me want to listen to "Fire Ant" by Alex Winston. So it was definitely a tough choice between the two, but both deserve mention.

The Bait - Electric Guest
     This week I’ve been into this LA-based group. And – in case you were wondering – yes. Their single "This Head I Hold" was in a Superbowl commercial this past year. I’m sure you were all dying to know that. Anyhow, I’ve found it hard to stop listening to this album. I’m always a fan of a good electronic-ish group (I laughed because Wikipedia described them as “indietronica”. Wut.) Plus, Asa Taccone (brother of Jorma from The Lonely Island) helped produce Dick in a Box. Arguably the greatest musical masterpiece of all time. "The Bait" also has some pretty damn relevant lyrics. You know, being a lost adolescent trying to find my way in the world, the concept of finding home is pertinent to my life. So original, I know. Aside from the clichés though, this song is fantastic. Asa wears suspenders in the video. Enough said.

'Bout Me - Wiz Khalifa
    This week I decided to get back to my rap roots. Not that I was raised on rap or anything, but it is my preferred genre of choice (I also wanted to post something besides a Top 40 hit). I'm probably the only white girl in Kansas driving a bug who listens to rap music 90% of the time, but whatever. This song is actually off of his 2012 mixtape, Cabin Fever 2. How I let it pass me by for so long is completely beyond me. I guess the important thing is that I discovered it now, though I'm nearly a year behind on it which kind of makes me want to cry. It has a great beat, is super catchy and I'm able to rap all of the lyrics (a real impressive skill I know). Plus the lyrics "Worried about a hater? Not me" can essentially apply to my life at any given time. A+ Wiz, I love you. 

Blurred Lines - Robin Thicke, T.I., Pharrell
     I don't even understand my obsession with this song. I heard it on the radio and then came across the video on YouTube. I am so NOT a fan of the degradation of women in this video, but I am in love with the song. It's just fun to sing along and be silly with. The fact that it talks about a good girl going bad always gets me hooked since I'm a total angel (there's those lies again). CHECK IT.

Anywhere With You - Jake Owen
     So, this is sort of different than what i'm used to. I've never been a huge fan of country music, but my boyfriend is in love with it and is taking me to a 4 day country concert called Country Stampede here in Kansas. So, the past few months I've been trying to get used to it (not gonna lie, I enjoy most songs now). One of my favorite artists is Jake Owen, and his song "Anywhere With You"  is super catchy and not too "redneck or hillbilly" for me. It's almost been stuck in the back of my head since I first heard it, so. 


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