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   Now that I've had a bit more time for myself since school is over for the summer, I've really gotten back into my very loose running routine. My last semester of my freshman year of college I started to get really into running. However, I was so set on building my mileage that I ran myself into a tibial stress fracture. The pain was constant and I was barely able to work. So when I finally saw a doctor about it he told me I couldn't run for at least 3 months. Of course this really upset me because I had built up to about 5-6 miles as an easy run. 

     By the time it was healed, it was almost holiday time at work so I lost track of running. However! As my New Years Resolution I decided I would run a half marathon by the end of the year. My personality, however, makes building my mileage very difficult. I had a running app that told me my distance and pace and every time my body wouldn't work how I felt it should, I would get so frustrated. Running is something that lets me be by myself and think through my day. So putting that pressure on myself to hold last years times and distances was making running really frustrating and adding more stress than it was relieving. 

     So, after I had that revelation, I started running without my phone--meaning my running apps and music were left behind. In all honesty, it was one of the best decisions I've made in terms of running. It allows me to focus on my body; my breathing, my muscles, my bones (no more stress fractures, please!). It's so weird now to think whenever I have a stressful day the first thing I want to do is run. It's a change of pace (even though  I had to change my running routes since I knew the distances) but I'm addicted again. When I feel more comfortable in my distance I think I'll be in a better place to use the app again in order to train for the half marathon. 

     Just try going on a run without music or your running app. It makes the run seem easier and helps you pace yourself rather than letting the music pace you. Whether you're just starting out or are an experienced runner, you should watch this documentary that follows different levels of runners in their training for a marathon. The Spirit of the Marathon can make you feel better at any level of running. It's even on Netflix!


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