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   So everyone knows how difficult it can be to live with your parents during high school. Things seem to only get harder after you leave for college and are used to the freedom of living on your own. When you return for breaks it seems like all of your parents' rules are made to make your life a living hell (sometimes this is true). In general though, they are just doing what they know and that is to parent you even though you're a grown ass adult. So here's my tips and tricks for surviving the summer (and any other breaks).

1. Help out around the house.
     Seriously guys, parents love this shit. You do your chores when they ask you to and they will love you forever. Also, doing random things around the house like cleaning up once in a while or doing the dishes when they've stacked up earns bonus points. If you demonstrate that you're contributing to the family without even being asked, it rings a bell in your parents' heads that you are growing up and are able to take care of yourself.

2. Spend time with your family.
     Yeah, yeah, I know this one can be annoying. But realize that sooner rather than later this will be the last time you'll see your family on a day-to-day basis. Once you're out of college and (hopefully) living on your own, you're likely to only see your parents once a week. Take it from someone who goes to school out-of-state, you'll miss your family more than you know. And they super appreciate it when you ask to spend time with them. My parents LOVE when I set aside time just to hang out and watch a TV show or something because it makes them feel needed still.

3.  Be respectful.
     It works for some parents if you just rebel against everything they say and eventually they leave you alone. But I've somehow figured out how to be respectful AND still get the result I want. Try to be on good terms with your parents during the summer. Follow their rules, don't backtalk (unless they're being completely unreasonable, then I give you permission), and generally just don't be a bitch. It won't get you anywhere. Bottom line is that if you treat them with respect, they'll do the same to you. And just maybe let you go to Lawrence randomly on a weeknight.

4. Keep yourself busy.
     I promise you WILL go insane if you lay in your room all day... no matter how amazing Netflix is. If you make yourself busy your parents are likely to give you less chores and nag you less as well. How would you feel if your college student came home and did nothing all day while you had to be at work? Yeah, I wouldn't be too happy either. Find a hobby, get a part-time job, anything just to make it seem that your life is jam-packed. Otherwise, you're asking to get nagged.

     Those are just some of my tips for a successful break with minimal fighting. It has worked for me in the past and I hope it helps even just one of you!



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