DIY | Green Tea Facial

Green tea does amazing things for your skin, whether you drink it or use it in a cleanser, moisturizer, or the like. Tea oil is known for helping with numerous types of skin. It doesn't leave skin oily or shiny, just moisturizes and leaves your skin glowing.

There are really three different ways to go about using green tea in your skin care routine.

1. Using the actual tea bag.
After you make your tea (or if you don't drink tea, just run it under hot water), rub the tea bag on your face to reduce any redness or irritation. Do this for about two minutes until the tea bag is cool.

2. Using the tea in your cleanser.
This is what I mean by ground tea, it's easier to mix with the cleanser
This is my preferred method. Put your normal amount of cleanser in a bowl, cut open the tea bag, and mix the two together. Leave this mixture on for about five minutes and then rinse off. Buying just generic green tea would work best for this. I have a loose leaf green tea and I normally just squeeze extra tea or add tea to the mixture if I don't have a bag that has ground tea.

3. Green Tea Mask
Cut open a tea bag and mix it with honey (make sure it's untreated, raw honey) until it becomes a paste. Apply to your face and leave on for five to ten minutes and rinse off with warm water.

If you make green tea a part of your skin care routine, you will have glowing, less irritated skin in no time! This is a cheap way to help your skin out, a 40 count box of Lipton Green Tea is less than $4.

xx Tori


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