Review | Seventh Generation Boosts Revitalizing Natural Skin Serum

     This year, I've really been getting into skincare and being more conscious about what I'm putting on my skin. There are plenty of scary articles out there explaining why "x" is toxic or what terrible effects "y" will have on your skin.  That shit can get overwhelming, especially with all the convoluted names that tend to litter the ingredient list. However, I was pleasantly surprised to find such a simple product at Walgreens. Yep, no bank account-crippling trip to Whole Foods needed. Woopwoop, way to go.

     Okay, so what the hell is a "boost"? Essentially, Seventh Generation has a line of 6 facial oils all aimed at different skincare needs: Jojoba (dryness), Oat Extract (irritation/uneven skin tone), Tea Tree (oiliness/impurities), Baobab (lack of firmness), Rosehip (fine lines), and Prickly Pear (environmental damage). This ability to tailor to your specific needs is the first place Seventh Generation succeeded. In addition, they are completely plant based and concentrated. So basically the active ingredients aren't diluted in water (holla more fo yo monay) and there is a complete absence of nasty chemicals. As an added bonus, these boosts are completely vegan and not tested on animals.

     Oils can be a bit off-putting, I know. They feel greasy and heavy. They are slightly messy. But fear not, these are completely manageable - even for those with oily skin. As skincare experts have reiterated thousands of times, even if you tend to be oilier you must moisturize your skin. Stripping it of its natural moisture via astringents, etc. only leads to overcompensation (i.e. even oilier skin). These boosts provide the moisture your skin needs along with helping to solve some of its issues. Plus, the main oils are delivered in a carrier system. Huh? What? It's okay, I had to do my research about this shiz too. Apricot kernel oil, sweet almond oil, and grapeseed oil "carry" the other oils into your skin helping them to absorb quickly with a slightly more powdery feel. Now, while these are not overly greasy, I do find that this isn't the fastest-absorbing moisturizer I've tried. When I put it on at night (I use roughly 2 pumps) I find that it takes around an hour to soak in completely. So if you're one who goes straight to bed after their skincare routine, there's a good chance your pillow will be doing most of the absorbing. Still, you can use a pump of this integrated with your normal moisturizer. This still delivers the benefits and is a little bit more user-friendly. Just keep in mind you're diluting it slightly (and may not be 100% natural depending on your lotion).

     As for the specific Revitalizing Boost, I love it. I've been looking to try a facial oil for a while now, especially one with rosehip (glad I didn't spend $44 on the Trilogy version). It's radiance-boosting properties are what hooked me. Plus warding off fine lines was much appreciated. This version also has vanilla bean extract. Ohhhh my god. That is definitely the prominent scent, which is fantastic because I'm quite fond of vanilla. I use this all over my face after toning, either alone (most commonly) or just a drop  mixed into another moisturizer. My skin looks rejuvenated and feels nourished in the morning. I do feel a little annoyed that it doesn't immediately absorb, but I think that's to be expected of any facial oil (I noticed the same of coconut). It's a worthwhile trade to be using an all-natural product that works. This line is sold for $14.99 at Walgreens - BUT if you go online here you can take their skincare quiz to find the right boost for you and save $3 off your purchase. *dances in jubilation*

     Speak to all you lovely humans next Sunday,



  1. Thx Rachael, your review reinforced my suspicions. FYI I found and purchased this line at Job Lot for just $3.99 ea. Sweet!

  2. Excellent, Straight Forward, Informative Review!! SO Well Done - Thank You!!!