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Hola, friends. If you are partaking in the college lifestyle, then you are aware that finals are looming before us (or you've already started, OR you're already done. And if you're done, let it be known I despise you). I thought I would share some of my favorite tunes for studying, inspired by my On Repeat this past Friday. Check that out here.

Now I understand that there are two types of people in this world: those who can study with music that has vocals, and those that cannot. Luckily, I fall in the realm between these two (so I guess there are three types of people? Or just two and then me? It's irrelevant). Therefore, I split this post up into two categories.

Music with Vocals:

Ellie Goulding
   This girl, doe. My obsession with her last semester was almost unreasonable. I listened to her basically all semester and pretty much equate her with Organic Chemistry I. Her vocals are like no one else and she has enough music out to keep the playlist from getting repetitive. I really enjoy listening to her music while studying because there's a great mix of upbeat and slower songs so you don't feel like you're cracked out the entire time but also aren't getting sleepy. Also, I'm going to lump Lana Del Rey in here as well because they just seem to go together for me. Let's also note that Boyfriend calls Lana his "bad bitch". Now you understand why he and I get along...

   This band was put on my radar by Tessa and Rachel earlier this semester but I never got the chance to listen to them because I was too busy listening to other bands. Lo and behold, they are one of my absolute favorites now. *Surprise* Tessa and Rachel have great taste in music sans One Direction. In fact, I'm listening to Haim at this very moment. Their music is catchy without being distracting so you're not super focused on the lyrics but the beat is enough to maintain the ole study grind.

Best Coast
   Last but not least, Best Coast was a late favorite last semester for me. They have an extensive discography so it's hard to get sick of them! They maintain their signature beachy, California, pop sound throughout their albums that increases your mood just enough to power through that last study guide.


Pride and Prejudice Soundtrack
   Need I say more? However, I will. This soundtrack is my shit. Like fo realz, since forever. Possibly one of the best soundtracks of all time. Whenever I listen to it, I immediately want to channel my inner Elizabeth Bennett and stick my head in the nearest book to become more knowledgeable. Seriously, check it out.

Downton Abbey Soundtrack
   On a similar note, the Downton Abbey Soundtrack is pure gold as well. Not as good as P&P, but getting close. There are a few actual songs on here with vocals, but they can easily be skipped to get to the gorgeous instrumentals that transport you to the early 20th century. Although I've been avoiding this soundtrack for a little while due to the horrendous ending of the third season that I'm still bitter about. Screw you, actor or actress who decided to leave the show (didn't want to spoil that for you all).

That's all for me! Apologies for being a day late.



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