Festive Fingers

Though I'm likely to reach for a more muted offering, come holiday season it's nice to be a little more glitzy. Below are three tried and true options I'll be turning to this year.

No. 1 | Revlon Stunning 
     The most versatile of the bunch, this varnish is great for either Christmas or New Years. It isn't too obviously holiday - which I prefer. As a bonus it coordinates with nearly any base color.
          Suggested pairings: Essie Marshmallow / Revlon Minted

No. 2 | Ulta Piñata-Yada-Yada
     Here's where I step out of my comfort zone. As you could guess, this lil' dude looks like a burst of confetti. Surprisingly, I love this on the nails. It's festive, but not too in your face.
          Suggested pairings: Essie Secret Story / Revlon Bewitching

No. 3 | Forever 21 Black & Sliver Glitter
     Forever is a bit of a toss up with their polishes. You never know if you'll be able to find something in store, but if you can find this I'd highly recommend you pick it up. For those of us who are keen on a darker nail, this will suit your taste. The mixture of black and gunmetal particles is simple, but adds interest and sheen.
          Suggested pairings: Essie No More Film / Zoya Kristen

Wishing you all a very happy holiday, whichever you celebrate! Speak to you l8r.



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