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Hey guys! I know I've been a bit MIA lately. I started fostering a lil pup last Tuesday and am in the process of adopting her. Being from a shelter, she had pretty bad kennel cough, so my absence has been due to taking care of a sick puppy.

Anyway, today I thought I would show you how I organize my jewelry. Not exactly the most exciting thing in the world but it's just as important as organizing other things (uhm, how do you say, makeup). While makeup is more organized on the functionality, I have organized my makeup in a way that also works as a decoration for my room.

I got the fixture on my wall as a birthday present and actually really love it. I'm pretty sure my mom just got it off of ebay. It fits well with the "theme" (I guess) of my room. Thinking back on it, I'm actually really shocked that my cats have never played with these hanging necklaces. Moving on, the little dish that I put all of the smaller earrings that I have is actually a serving dish. It came with a set of Japanese serving dishes and I just re-purposed it to its current role.

On that last little picture of the puppy I soon hope to call mine, I'll leave y'all alone.
See you next week!
xx Tori


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