On Repeat #30

Hate Me Soon- Yellow Ostrich

With two male vocalists in a row, I think I'm on a roll. I've loved Yellow Ostrich for some time now. That being said, I think I gravitate towards their first and latest EP, Ghost.. I haven't actually fully listened to their second album, Strange Land, which probably makes me a terrible person but whatever. Basically anything that a loop pedal can be used for, I'm in love. Other gems from their latest EP, Ghost, would be "Ghost" and "Chills," actually, just listen to the whole thing. You won't regret it.

Hands - Alpine
     After quickly becoming addicted to HAIM this week courtesy of Rachel and Tessa, I utilized the nifty link on Spotify to see Related Artists. I stumbled upon the glorious Australian band Alpine. They are similar in HAIM in sound but have a faint Tegan and Sara feel as well. This song is their most popular although the entire album is gold. I'm a little bitter that they only have one album out. They're an up and coming band, so keep an eye out! They recently toured with The Naked and Famous. HINT HINT: great study music.

That's My Kind Of Night -  Luke Bryan
So that random playlist with 6 songs on it I mentioned last week? Still going strong this week. I'm just in a rut (in more ways than one), so sticking with the same thing is logical. This song is a bit of a curveball on that playlist. And by a bit I actually mean it's a huge curveball. But I just love Luke Bryan and everything about him, and genuinely can never get enough of his music. Not to mention, country always brings me back to summer, which I am desperately wishing will reappear at any moment now. For now, I'll have to settle for freezing temperatures, lots of blankets, and most importantly: lots of beer and country music to make me forget that it is in fact winter.

Bubble Gum Bitch (Xmas Version) - Marina and the Diamonds.
So, I was going to hesitate really hard this entire month NOT to do a Christmas themed song until it got the absolute closes to Christmas BUT I couldn't control myself (and to be fair this is just a xmas version of a song..) I stumbled upon this beauty last night on tumblr and have been listening to it ever since. It's honestly the same kick-ass Marina pop song about her wanting to be your bubblegum bitch with some nice sleigh bells. Enjoy.

Fa La La  (a cappella) - Justin Bieber ft. Boyz II Men
     To answer your question, no - this isn't just a platform to continually embarrass myself. But whatever. JB Christmas is my jam as I've mentioned about a million times. Anyhow, I just downloaded the deluxe version of this album (oooooh) and this is a bonus track. I'm not quite sure how you can go wrong when you combine Bieber, Boyz II Men, and Christmas music. Most of all, it's a nice break from the typical songs on holiday stations but you can still be festive. This is how I'm justifying myself. Don't be Scrooge. Goodbye.


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