On Repeat #29

Demons - The National
   Hi, my name is Jenny and I'm obsessed with The National. Literally, where have they been my entire life. SO. GOOD. If you're a fan of Alt-J, Silversun Pickups, etc, you need to go to Spotify or click on the link above and give them a listen right now. This song is off their most recent album. I haven't had a chance to listen to their entire discography (the first album is from 2001!) but it seems I may have found my finals studying music to binge on. *party*

In case you're curious, past studying music binges have been: Lana Del Rey (duh), Ellie Goulding Pandora station, and Best Coast.

23 - Mike Will Made It
So, I don't know where I've been to have not heard this song until I was tailgating at a football game last Saturday. Apparently under a rock or something. Whatever. I honestly can't even tell you why I like this song, but it's been played an obscene amount of times this week. I put it on a Spotify playlist with five other songs and have rarely strayed from that playlist this week. Weird, I know, but a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do. And sometimes that's putting on a mix of Mike Will Made It, Luke Bryan, Big Sean, Pitbull, Kid Ink and Chris Brown. It's normal really. Oh, and Miley is still fantastic. I don't care. And a little Wiz thrown in for good measure never hurt anyone.

High For This- The Weeknd
I know I've used The Weeknd before for On Repeat but lately this is what I have turned to when I have taken the rare break from Midnight Memories. The Weeknd is just ridiculous. It came on shuffle on my Spotify playlist and I had that moment of, "why haven't I listened to this in so long?" So, I'm proud to say that I haven't listened to Midnight Memories in...a day. Regardless, this is also fantastic study music. For finishing up studying/homework/projects I've definitely been hooked on The Weeknd and the Tron soundtrack (thanks, Rachel).

No Need for Eyes - The Growlers
I’ll admit, my selection for this week isn’t going to be to everyone’s taste. Spotify recommended me
The Growlers so I thought I’d have a listen. They have a slightly old school vibe, like maybe Pink Floyd meets Beach Boys? Does that make sense? No. But whatever. They’re a bit out there but they’ve grown on me. I’m not quite sold on the whole album but there are definitely a few gems. Hung at Heart is mellow without lulling me to sleep – much appreciated at work when I am tired and people are a big no for me. They’ve been a nice way to switch things up from Christmas music (JB MISTLETOE AMIRITE). If you wanna get a lil’ weird, I highly suggest checking these dudes out.

You Oughta Know - Alanis Morissette
So, if you don't love angsty morisette you dont know what youre missing. I've always liked this song but due to recent life changes I have been blasting this song in my car like there's no tomorrow. If you're going through a break up I highly recommend her entire album. This song especially. Plus, who doesn't love 90s female angst? 10/10 would recommend. Plus she talks about gettin' down in a movie theater, it's great.


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