Review | Flower Zoom-In Ultimate Mascara

     As someone who peruses the cosmetics aisles of WalMart quite frequently, I was surprised when I saw a new brand pop up. Flower Beauty, founded by actress Drew Barrymore, has taken over an end cap at my local store. No doubt, the unique and well-designed packaging drew me in (lol punz 4evr so funny). Unfortunately I don't think they've stocked the full line yet. Her brand claims to deliver high-end quality at an affordable price - made possible by not sinking loads of money into advertising. Which explains why I was so ignorant to the launch. After having looked into more products from her range, I'm intrigued. She seems to have created a solid collection. Every base is covered, from foundation (or tinted moisturizer/BB cream) to eyes, lips, and nails. I managed to get my hands on the Zoom-In Ultimate mascara and thus far I've been very impressed.
     There are 3 mascaras total in the range, but this one is easily the most unique. At the top of the wand, you can twist two times to change the shape of the rubber bristles. The first setting resembles a fairly standard lengthening brush and puts me in the mind of something like Covergirl LashBlash Length. However, the second setting is slightly squatter and is subtly twisted to help curl the lashes. Lastly the third setting is much shorter and more twisted, aiding in plumping lashes and adding volume. This function is something I've never found at the drugstore. It's versatile enough to possibly cut out some of the other products in your kit.

     I bought Zoom-In in the shade brown - a feat considering many brands focus on black formulas regardless of their price point. Flower's offering has a nice, semi-dry formula that doesn't weigh down lashes or make a mess. I like to start with the second setting to lock in curl, then follow up by brushing out any clumps and coating the bottom lashes with the first setting. The third is useful when I want a slightly more dramatic lash. I've had very slight issues with flaking, but nothing obscene and no smudging whatsoever. 
     Overall, I would highly recommend this mascara. The formula would be on-point even sans the mechanical brush. At just under $8, it's fairly in line with most drugstore brands' price points. I fully intend on exploring the brand further, especially the "Sometimes You Win, Sometimes You Rouge" cream blushes. Well done Drew, well done.

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