Winter Candles

Hola, everyone! I missed last week due to a personal crisis (yes, it was actually a crisis, I'm still dealing with it) but I'm back again this week to show what I've purchased recently at Bath and Body works, it's all candles. I couldn't resist.

They were having a sale as per usual, for the larger candles ringing up at $22. I knew I wanted Leaves but grabbed Harvest Gathering at the last minute. I love the how the White Barn Candles look because I'm a sucker for script.

Leaves definitely has that autumn apples and berries smell to it that I love around this time of year. Harvest Gathering is somewhat similar to Leaves in the sense that it has a hint of apple to it but it definitely has more of a warm feel to it since Leaves has that cider punch and Harvest Gathering is more of a Nutmeg/ spice scent.

I have no idea what my obsession with Bergamot is, but I almost cried when they told me they only had these in the small size. I believe I have talked about Bergamot Woods before in a favorites video but it seriously is my favorite candle ever. I didn't want to risk it so I bought a couple of the Bergamot Woods and Black Pepper Bergamot. The Black Pepper Bergamot is basically just a calmer scent than Bergamot Woods. They both have lavender in them so that probably just adds to why I love them.

I know this is a short little post, but hey, it's Christmas Eve for Christ's sake. Go be with your families...or finish shopping, whatever you need to do. I need to wrap presents still, so no judgement here.

Until next week!
xx Tori


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