The Bare Minimum

I know you all are probably really sick of hearing me talk about how I'm always late and running out the door and my make-up to match. But this week I've had some serious issues with that, seeing as I'm in the midst of final papers (perks of being a journalism major: tests are rare, downfalls: papers on papers on papers. And I'm the queen of procrastination). So this week it's been the bare minimum for me on make up. I promise you, this will be the last what's on my face for a while. Unless you really like these, in which case, I shall continue.

Now, when I say bare minimum, I mean: bare minimum. Foundation, eyeliner, mascara, brows, done. That's how minimum I've been this week. Sticking with my trusty CoverGirl Whipped Creme Foundation in Ivory, that I'm sure you've heard all you can about. It's a great alternative to the Revlon PhotoReady Whipped if you're not willing to drop $15 on a foundation. Blending that out with my finger tips is the quickest, easiest, no-fuss foundation application ever. The lazy girl's dream. For liner, I've once again, not broken out of my box. Using Rimmel London's Get in Line, which was discontinued with their Rimmel U line (such a shame, I loved it). Continuing to the point, I have ventured out a little from my typical application and gone for a full, thicker wing. I will wear winged liner, but my version is usually pretty thin with a small flick at the end, nothing too dramatic. But I decided to experiment a little this week and have been loving it. See motto: Eyeliner on point, life in shambles (couldn't be more relevant). Finishing off the eyes, I've gone back to another tried & true: Benefit's They're Real. Recently, I've been raving and constantly reaching for EM Cosmetic's Lash Gallery Clean Volume. Benefit's offering however, just offers a great amount of separation and length. As far as brows, my typical routine has stuck using Anastasia's Brow Powder Duo in Auburn (specifically the left side color) to fill in and setting them with Maybelline's Great Lash in Clear.

Well, that's all from me this week! I hope you guys are surviving finals. I promise to bring you some really awesome stuff over Winter Break!



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