On Repeat #31

Favorite Song - Chance the Rapper ft. Childish Gambino
I have no real explanation for this week's choice except that I like Chance the Rapper and Childish Gambino. And this song obviously. Gambino recently dropped his new album, which I haven't had much of a chance to listen to, but their collaborations are on point (they have one on each of their albums). So this song is A+ 10/10 if you like both of them. Or if you're new to Chance, as long as you like Gambino, you're good.

Jungle Love- Steve Miller Band
I get the pleasure of listening to the radio at work (yea, pleasure), so I typically choose the classic rock station. This song has been played at least once a day this week so it was bound to be stuck in my head for all eternity. I read the lyrics and I don't even know. I just. I don't get it. So this is a short little bit but I really have nothing to say about this because I'm confused by the lyrics so there's that. For y'all who aren't classic rock fans, you might know one of their more famous songs, "Fly Like An Eagle." If not, turn on a classic rock station.

Mask Your Soul – Blu & Exile
    Alright, this is almost cheating. Truthfully I’ve been all about The Growlers (UPDATE: THE ENITRE ALBUM IS BOMB) this week. I’ve alternated between that and Christmas music, so posting either would be a bit of a bore. However, I’ve had this in my queue a while and it’s up next for an extensive listen. From what I’ve heard Give Me My Flowers While I Can Still SmellThem is on point. The backtracks are interesting and lyricism is undoubtedly clever. Would highly recommend.


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