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Sooo, you're taking time off. You probably feel one of two ways; one being useless and maybe a little stressed/bored or second, you feel absolutely wonderful without the stress of school work, BUT, you're still a tiny bit bored because possibly every one else around you is super busy. Today i'm here to make some sort of suggestions of how I am attempting to make it through taking time off of school. 

Things to make you feel maybe not so useless
  • Find a full time job (plus, it helps you save money for when you ARE in school)
  • Join a gym
  • volunteer at women shelters
  • volunteer at animal shelters
  • learn a new language
  • read books you've always wish you had the time for
Things to keep you busy and have fun with
  • Hang out with friends that you maybe haven't seen in awhile
  • Take that yoga or cooking class you've been wanting to
  • Go see movies 
  • Go to the park on a week day, just because you can
  • Go to the farmers market
  • read books you've always wish you had the time for
Those are just some of the things you might find helpful. I know some times most people put the stigma of taking time off as, someone is being lazy, or a loser, honestly in my opinion there's nothing wrong with taking time off if you plan on working towards a goal of what you want to do with your life. Don't ever feel bad for taking the time off when you need it.

see you all next thursday!

xo Kayson


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